Lakeside: A Lesbian Fiction Story (Part 1)

As part of a Pride month series, The Queerness presents part 1 of a lesbian fiction story by Erica Knight.


Jane watched as she walked up to the cafe, phone to her ear, wearing a short skirt, short enough so you could see her long tanned legs, and just right for this time of year; Nova Scotia had the tendency to be this warm.

Her slack top falling off her shoulders, and hugging her breasts and torso just so, she carried a certain grace with a blackberry to her ear, which not many people can.

She walked up to Jane and hugged her with one arm in that awkward way you do when you haven’t seen someone for ages.

“OK, I gotta go, no, Hilary isn’t with me… see you later.” She threw the phone on the table and smiled widely with that super smile that made Jane melt, flashed the eyes and said

“Hey, what’s new?”

Jane blushed, stuttered at first, and then babbled incoherently.  She could feel her heart beat in her chest as she hadn’t seen Cadence for two years and had absolutely no idea what to say; it still took her breath away.

“That’s such a fucking weird question, I never know what to say to that, how about; hi, how’s things?”

“Ooh OK, haha, how’s things?”

“Things are good, I missed you, I was so excited about seeing you today, I barely slept.”

“Oh really, I’m not that great surely?” Cadence cocked her head to one side and smiled coyly .

“Jeez, Cadence, you do know you’re amazing don’t you?”

Cadence blushed. she had been anxious about this meeting all morning, – it was still strange to be having lunch with her so casually.

Jane was one her very few lesbian friends. This young woman in front of her was almost in bits just at a hello which she had to laugh inwardly at, as it would seem her suspicions and hopes were confirmed; Jane did still have feelings for her. Is this why Cadence felt compelled to meet her again after two years?

Two years of chatting online whenever they could; Jane was a great listener and this young woman was so interesting. When she saw Jane blush, she got nervous as she almost didn’t know how to react to this attention from a woman, or perhaps she’d just forgotten what that felt like; her life had taken such a weird course in the last two years.

“So, that’s it… ha.. haven’t seen each other in two years and caught up in five minutes.”

She almost felt sorry for Jane as she saw how nervous she was. Her own nerves made her fidget with the blackberry .

They flipped the conversation quickly onto work and Cadence could see Jane visibly relax, and smile like she remembered she could. She was 31 and single and gay, while Cadence was 47 and married – and straight. Why was she here? Her thoughts returned to their time at the lake.

After lunch and a good rant about work, they hugged tightly. Cadence was disappointed that she had to leave again so soon. They’d had such a great time the summer before last. It was like yesterday.

2 years earlier

The meeting…

Cadence was rushing now. She’d been faffing all morning trying to sort herself out; she’d been for a run and knew Susan’s friend would be here soon. No sooner had she finished in the shower, but a call came from the front room.

“Oh shit,” she thought; she was about to say hi to a complete stranger in just a towel. That’ll get an eyebrow raise for sure, especially knowing what Susan had told her about her friend.

She walked up to this young woman with shades on. The bright orange Bermuda shorts were a sight to see, short dark hair and a little baby face;  and  when she opened her mouth, she had what sounded like the most amazing Irish accent she’d ever heard. She looked her up and down hesitantly, still feeling a little vulnerable just standing there in a towel, and there it was, the eyebrow raise. She could feel her ‘elevator eyes’ on her.

“Hello there, nice to meet you.”

As Jane walked up to the neighbour and shook the hand of this ‘woman next door’ that Susan had taken her to meet, she was feeling bemused. This woman was half-naked in a towel. Do all Canadian women greet you like this ?

Jane noticed she was still wet, apparently just out of the shower, hair limp and shoulders bare. The morning sun was making her skin glisten, the towel only just covering the tops of her thighs. She had amazing legs, and you could see the muscle tone on her quads. Jane’s eyes traced their way down to her calf muscles, and back up again quickly to her face as she let go of her hand, raised an eyebrow and they went on their way next door.

Jane wondered about this woman; she was beautiful, though she seemed apprehensive, but she guessed she’d get to know Cadence eventually.


Two days had passed and Jane couldn’t believe how wonderful this holiday was, like a little piece of heaven. She’d been on the speedboat, quad bikes, jet ski, and now it was time to really relax. The group had been drinking for a few hours at Cadence’s place and it was getting late. Susan and Hilary wandered off to the house and Cadence’s husband Steve was in bed.

“You want me to leave, Cadence? You look tired.” Jane asked coyly.

Cadence looked very drunk; her hair fell in front of her face as she leaned over to pick up her glass from the table. Jane resisted the temptation to brush it away.

“No, don’t be silly, I need someone to have a good yarn to.” Cadence laughed and took another drink from her glass.  She got up and sat down again closer to Jane, casually placing her arm on top of the sofa near to Jane’s head.

“So, tell me, whaddya think of the lake, you havin’ a good time?” She flashed a beaming smile. Her eyes sparkled.

“It’s amazing.” Jane suddenly felt shy; this woman was so forward but she couldn’t help but look up into her eyes. They were like deep blue rock pools – she might get lost in those if she didn’t look away quickly.

Cadence couldn’t quite believe she was babbling so much to this stranger; she seemed so easy to talk to but she felt hammered. Her eyelids were heavy but she wanted to talk to Jane a bit more. She wanted to cuddle up to someone and cry her heart out about how lonely she was with Steve, but it’s not really the done thing with a total stranger. She needed sleep, and she could feel her head slip onto Jane’s shoulder. The reality of what was happening almost made her jump up in fright; her breathing quickened but she sat still.

Jane noticed that Cadence was close to falling asleep. The rum might be to blame of course, but there was also something not quite right in her eyes; she seemed sad, lonely almost. As her head bobbed onto her shoulder in exhaustion, Jane took hold of her hand; she felt a slight flinch but it faded quickly.

They both sat quietly; only the sound of their breathing could be heard.

“I think i need to go to bed,“ she lied – she wanted to stay here in Jane’s arms, to hell with the fact it was a woman.

“I think that’s probably a good idea,” Jane whispered.

“Thanks for tonight, sweetie,“ Cadence whispered back.

Jane paused briefly to make sure Cadence got to her room OK and then left.  As she stared back towards Cadence’s lake house, she wondered what she was thinking tonight and what might happen next. This woman was intriguing, and Jane wanted to know her better – she definitely wanted to know her much, much better….

Part 2 : Here

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