Lakeside: A Lesbian Fiction Story (Part 2)


Getting to know you, Cadence

It was a beautiful day again as Jane sauntered over to Cadence’s deck. She appeared lost in thought.

“Hey there, you ok?”

Cadence’s head spun around and she grinned.

“Hey there, what’s up, what’s happenin’, what’s goin’ on?” she drawled.

“Fucking shattered, mate, where’s Susan and Hilary?” Jane enquired.

“Oh, they’re inside fighting with the blender,” Cadence chortled . “Can you take round two?“

“Hell yeah, this is what a holiday is.” Her voice trailed off as she looked out towards the lake; she slid into the seat on the deck and she gazed out at the the water. It was gleaming, untouched, like a sheet of glass that you just knew wasn’t cold. It was often warm enough to swim in without needing to get out soon after – the advantage of having an inland lake.

The sun was glancing down from the sky but the deck provided enough shade to keep them undercover. It was only 11am and it was already in the high 90s. Jane fanned herself with a stray newspaper but could still feel the beads of sweat trickle down her lower back. “Nice,” she thought. This is how she wanted to present herself to what she could only describe as the most beautiful woman she’d laid her eyes on in a long time.

She never thought it would happen again but here she was, 3000 miles from home, and falling for a goddess. She was 45, a married woman, and straight. Jane had told herself not to do this to herself again; it would never go anywhere and she’d never be even remotely interested in her anyway. It wasn’t some soap opera, this was real life. It never really happened like that. Did it?

As she looked up, she caught the eye of Cadence, who had apparently been gazing at her while she’d been lost in thought; Cadence looked away quickly, but soon regained her composure. She flashed Jane a huge smile.

“You ok sweetie?” Cadence enquired.

“Yeah, just appreciating the view”. Jane lied; well it was half a lie. The view was either Cadence or the lake but Cadence would never know.

Getting to know you, Jane

Cadence had felt strangely happy these past few days. It had been difficult recently; Steve had become an asshole in every aspect of their life and she still hadn’t forgiven him for his behaviour over the past few months. But this new stranger visiting the lake had made her feel excited in lots of different ways.

Kenthills was a very conservative town, and there weren’t many gay people who came to visit, so when Susan had told her that her friend visiting was gay, that was just the icing on the cake. It was the little bit of change Cadence needed to distract her from the boredom that she’d felt recently. This young woman seemed very mature, if not a bit shy at first.

She had found herself staring at her as she gazed out towards the lake; her eyes followed the line of her jaw, down towards her breasts, and then even further towards her legs. She could see that she worked out, muscular rather than slender. She looked butch, but with some femininity and had very pretty eyes.

Cadence’s eyes traced back up towards her face and she noticed that she’d been caught staring and looked away, feeling slightly embarrassed she’d been busted but decided to take advantage of the situation and flash her a smile she was sure she’d appreciate. It seemed to work and they chatted briefly before Susan and Hilary came back with the cosmopolitans.

The four sat and chatted for the remainder of the afternoon. Every so often, Cadence saw Jane glance over in her direction. It was subtle; she knew she liked this young woman, though how much she didn’t yet know.

Prelude to a kiss

It was hot that evening and they’d all been invited out to a birthday party. The booze was flowing and the steaks were on the barbecue. The volleyball net had been put up, obviously, and Cadence couldn’t resist the urge to get some action. Her new bikini wouldn’t be getting an airing tonight but it was there, underneath the t-shirt she had thrown on earlier.

“Get yer kit off, Cadence,” she could hear from a distance.

“Ha! Not likely”. She still felt uncomfortable with her body, despite several people saying different. She could feel the beads of sweat already drip down her back. It was so hot, she could barely stand it.

“C’mon Cadence, let’s play,” Jane shouted over to her.

She was really taking a liking to Jane. They’d gotten to chat a lot since she arrived. She couldn’t help but notice Jane’s eyes on her most of the time either, and this somehow didn’t bother her. Cadence grinned; she knew she really liked the attention she was getting from this young gay woman. Her husband wasn’t looking at her that way anymore.

She wondered what it was like, being with a woman? It was something that had crossed her mind since meeting Jane and now it was in her every waking thought. Jane seemed fairly self-assured about her sexuality but insecure about almost everything else. She threw the ball in the air for the first serve…

After about 20 mins of playing, Jane could take no more; not the game – that was fine. It was viewing Cadence’s ass from the back that was bloody distracting. The long tanned legs, her tight bum; at least in shorts it looked tight. She had no idea what Cadence looked like naked but she could imagine.

“Jane!” <thud> was the last sound Jane heard as she crashed to the ground; the ball had been smashed right at her from across the net.

She lay there feeling slightly woozy and looked up to see the brightest pair of blue eyes, as Cadence leaned over her to check she was OK, a concerned and bemused look on her face.

“You OK, sweetie?” she smiled down at her. Her dark hair lightened by streaks of blonde, she helped her to a sitting position, her arm wrapped around Jane’s shoulder.

“Just sit still for a moment, OK, sweetheart.”

Jane didn’t argue but just took the opportunity to put her hands on Cadence’s waist, underneath her t-shirt, which was an accident, but Cadence didn’t pull Jane’s hand away, so she left it there and thanked someone on high for that.

Cadence couldn’t believe that jackass had just smacked Jane right in the head. Sitting there, holding her upright; she felt very protective of the young woman, who by now had her hand firmly on her waist. She could feel her fingers touching her skin and she was quite happy to let it stay where it was.

 “Wanna get outta here?” Cadence enquired to a groggy Jane.

“Yeah, that sounds great, where we going?”

“Back to the lake,“ Cadence replied

”You wanna.. ?“, Cadence’s questioned trailed off.

“Yep, let’s go for it…,“ Jane replied enthusiastically. Skulking away unbeknown to anyone else, they sneaked off.

The lake at night

They had arrived back at the lake from the party within 45 minutes. Cadence’s sides still hurting from all the giggling they’d been doing in the car, she switched off the engine.

Jane glanced sideways at her and Cadence felt compelled to touch her face, gently stroking her cheek with the back of her hand.

“You’re so cute, a little baby face”.

Jane leaned her head into Cadence’s hand and closed her eyes.

“Let’s walk,” Jane whispered.

They slowly ambled down to the lakeside, the moon was out and you could see its soft reflection on the lake; only the lakeside lights disguised its ambience.

Cadence took Jane’s hand as they walked, her thumb softly stroking it. She moved her hand slowly round Jane’s shoulder and Jane’s head fell into hers. It felt comfortable just to be walking, so closely, so intimately. Neither of them spoke as they came to a stop near the lakeside.

It was the first time they’d been truly alone with each other. Cadence could feel Jane’s arm around her waist; Jane moved her mouth up towards Cadence’s neck and gently kissed it.

“You’re amazing, did you know that?” Jane whispered softly.

Cadence blushed, though glad it was dark so Jane couldn’t see it.

“Nope, but thanks for letting me know,” she smiled. As she turned her head towards Jane, their lips touched gently; it was the most intense feeling Cadence had felt for a long time. Her head was spinning.

Suddenly, they heard a door close in the direction of Hilary and Den’s house. Cadence spun round to see Hilary look over at her from her conservatory. She then turned her back and switched off the light.

“Shit…. I think Hilary just saw us, I didn’t even realise she was back.”

Jane touched her cheek and whispered softly in her ear. “Don’t worry, it’ll be OK, it’s quite dark here. She might not have seen anything.”

Cadence hugged Jane tightly, whispered her goodbye, and they went their separate ways.

Cadence tried to stay calm, her thoughts racing. She felt unnerved that she may have been caught cheating on her husband with another woman; she’d have to wait for the morning to see what Hilary would say.

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