Lakeside: A Lesbian Fiction Story (Part 3)


The morning after

Cadence awoke with a jolt; the look from Hilary at her from the porch last night had made her night’s sleep a little restless. She had been worried but she needed to bite the bullet and find out what Hilary had seen.

Cadence walked slowly towards Hilary’s house next door. She was sitting on the patio with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other. She glanced up at Cadence and smiled.

“Hey there, stranger, long time no see, you alright?”

“Yeah, what’s goin’ on, saw you come back early last night, you not enjoy the party?”

“Oh, I was quite drunk by the time I left. Den drove me back. I thought I saw someone on the lakeside. Was that you and Jane. Is she ok? She looked upset.”

With that question, Cadence could almost feel a wave of relief come over her, but was still wary.

“Oh yes, she’s fine..” Cadence said, carefully trying not to say too much.

Hilary stood and walked over and placed her hand on her arm; there was a sympathetic look as she lowered her voice to almost a whisper.

“Listen, I don’t know what I saw last night. You two seemed very close, there was definitely something I noticed at the party but whatever it was, it’s none of my business. However, I don’t think you should do anything without thinking carefully about the consequences.”

Cadence could hear heart pounding in her chest as Hilary continued:

“I know it’s not the happiest of times for you but recently, your eyes seem to sparkle a little bit more and it has been since Jane arrived….. just…….. just be careful. I care about you, you know? “

Cadence didn’t really know what to say to that; thanking her for her understanding might have gone too far to confirming what had really happened. She’d rather Hilary remained ignorant of her indiscretion. She hugged her tightly and smiled.

Hilary went back to reading her book and Cadence walked back to her own deck, her insides now in turmoil. What if Hilary said something to Steve, though she cared little what he thought at this point. What would that mean? She didn’t want what was happening with Jane to end.

Troubled waters

Jane woke up with a heavy heart…….. what was she doing? Why was she doing this to herself? The other night had been magical next to the lake, with Cadence, she almost couldn’t believe it. This woman wanted her, she wasn’t rejecting her, it was exhilarating and heartbreaking all at once. What about the husband?

She sighed a forlorn sigh and decided just to go with the flow. All she knew was that she’d never felt this giddy or conflicted for a while and it was Cadence that caused these feelings in her; she might as well see what would happen.

She got up and dressed and grabbed a life vest and went to find some peace and quiet on the lake.

It was a beautiful morning by the lake and the sun was glistening off the water; Jane could see Cadence was bending down to fix the recycling bin, making strange noises as she attempted to pull the bag from its receptacle. She looked up as Jane swung an extra life jacket enticingly from her finger.

“Want to go for a ride?” Jane said seductively.

It was laden with temptation.

“Yeah for sure.”  Cadence replied with a smile.

Jane walked over to the sand deck where the jet ski was and started to pull it into the water.

Cadence found it hard not to ogle Jane as she yanked the jet ski into the water; her short jet black hair contrasting against her deep blue eyes made it almost unbearable to look directly at her. She was so goddam cute. Her lips were just aching to be kissed properly this time; Cadence tried to put it out of her mind but her eyes glanced over Jane’s tanned biceps which were straining against the jet ski.

Jane looked up to meet her eyes..

“You wanna help or perv at me some more? “ she said cheekily.

Cadence blushed furiously but quickly recovered and smiled widely, and soon moved to help push the jet ski into the water.

“You’re driving,” Jane said with a glint in her eye. Cadence stepped on and Jane scooted on behind. They set off across the lake; Cadence could feel Jane tight against her back and was grateful there was a life vest between them as she may have melted if she could feel Jane’s breasts against her back.

What she did feel, however, was Jane’s hands around her midriff, underneath her life vest. Her skin tingled and it was all she could do to stop them from crashing into someone else’s pier.

Occasionally, Jane would move her mouth close into Cadence’s ear to point something out on the lake. Cadence could barely hear over the engine and the party going on inside her head.

Much to her disappointment, the petrol gauge began to flash and they had to head back to shore to dry off.

Back in the lake house, Cadence walked into the spare room with fresh towels as Jane was undressing to change into something dry. Jane clambered out of her gear and walked over to her to collect a dry towel.

Cadence furtively pulled her own t-shirt off and was immediately aware of Jane near her as she reached into the wardrobe for a spare. Cadence spun around to face Jane… their eyes met and Cadence being slightly taller than Jane, put her arms on Jane’s shoulder’s. 

“Hey there, sweetie, what ya doin’?” 

“Gettin’ a t-shirt… you alright?” Jane enquired

Jane could sense how nervous Cadence was with her clothes off, though she couldn’t understand why; she was beautiful and there was something about his woman that had a strange pull.

Jane had gone very quiet and was gazing into her eyes. Cadence returned the gaze and the smile in equal measure, “fuck, she was cute”… She just wanted to kiss her now; her breathing felt heavy and her heartbeat was pulsating in her chest. It was as though the moment was in slow motion; Jane’s smooth and luscious lips were calling to her.

Cadence tipped Jane’s head up with her fingers and as they touched her chin, there was a sensation she’d felt before, a deep yearning between her legs that she’d been ignoring for a while. It was almost as though the world fell away as they leaned in to kiss, a deep and hungry kiss, the kind that spins your head. 

Jane pulled back gently and Cadence’s head spun momentarily as she came round from the kiss; her clit was aching with anticipation.

She was disappointed as Jane moved away from her to get dressed.

Jane gave her a sexy sideways glance as she pulled the t-shirt on over her breasts, “so, what do you want to happen now?” Jane’s eyes fixed on hers.

“I don’t know,” said Cadence as she walked over to the window and looked out over the lake.

Fuck, why was this so hard?, Cadence thought. Just ‘pull-yourself-together and  fuck her, you know you want it, she’s available’, she chided herself. This was so frustrating; it felt so comfortable, her mind went back to the other night at the lake and she could still feel Jane’s mouth on her neck… Then, a little voice reminded her that she wasn’t available, that Steve would be home soon and that would end this fantasy. She despondently put some dry clothes on.

Jane had finished dressing and walked towards her and with both hands on her face planted a soft kiss on Cadence’s cheek.

“What will be will be, let’s just enjoy our time together but it’s probably best to be more discreet, meet me for dinner later?”

Candace nodded and Jane left.

She didn’t have very long to daydream as no sooner had Jane left, the front door slammed and she could hear Steve walk towards the bedroom. She threw a t-shirt on quickly and opened the door.

“Did I just see that dyke leave here? What the hell have you been doing? “ Steve demanded gruffly.

“We went out on the jet ski, what’s your problem?“

“I don’t like her hangin’ round my house when my wife is getting undressed; was she in here with you?”

“Yeah, coz i’m really going to make her get changed in the living room. Where else would she be? I don’t understand why you’re so jealous, it’s not like I swing that way”

Cadence could feel her whole body vibrate as she uttered that lie. She needed to get some fresh air, she didn’t like the way this conversation was going. She walked briskly past him to the living room.

“I had a little chat with Hilary the other night; she said you two were getting close after that party, and you always seem to find moments to be alone, What the fuck is that about Cadence ?

“You do realise she’s probably got the hots for you?” Steve bristled.

“So what if she does, it’s not like anyone else is paying me any attention!” she said pointedly, raising an eyebrow in his direction.

Steve looked wounded.

“Fine then, you go and fuck your new girlfriend, see if I care,” he muttered.

“Do you want me to fuck her ? Would that make you happy? It’s not like you’re innocent in all this!”

“So, you are screwing her?” Steve interjected.

“No, Steve, for fuck’s sake, I am not sleeping with the neighbour’s friend.”

“Hilary doesn’t seem to think it’s all innocent,” Steve said accusingly.

“Why don’t you go fuck Hilary then, she’s your age! She doesn’t know anything, Steve; she loves to spread idle gossip. Nothing’s happened though……,” her voice trailed off as she realised what she was about to say but knew it would hurt him. She had wanted it to happen.

Steve looked anxious and did a double take on what she’d just said.

“What do you mean, I’m not innocent?” he interjected again.

Cadence was so annoyed at him now, and she let rip.

“You’re fucking your secretary, Steve. She left a message on your phone. But hey, it could have meant anything. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.” Cadence threw her hands up, exasperated.

She noticed the blood drain from Steve’s face and realised she’d hit the nail on the head.

A quick look at the clock and she realised she was going to be late for dinner with Jane.

“I’ve had enough of this conversation, Steve, do what you want!.”  She grabbed her keys from the table and walked to her car.


After dinner, as Cadence slammed the car door shut and walked towards the house, she could hear voices coming from inside, then realised it was just Steve on the phone. Why the hell was he still here? She opened the door and put her bag on the counter.

“I’ve invited a few friends round to watch the football tonight, hope you don’t mind?” Steve said sarcastically.

“Why would I mind? We all dance around you anyway. I’ll be around; maybe I’ll invite Jane over!”

Steve shot her a dark look, but then his face softened.

“Well, the guys will probably all be in front of the box anyway, so the deck is free for you and your friend.”

Cadence pulled her phone out of her pocket, ignoring the obviously pointed way in which he’d said that and sent a quick text to Jane telling her to come round.

“I’m gonna take the pontoon boat out on the lake; it’s gonna be too noisy with the football on for us to hear ourselves think,” Cadence said without taking her eyes off the phone.

“Fine,” Steve replied flatly.

Twenty minutes later just as she’d stepped out of the shower and got dressed, she could hear a knock at the door and muffled voices. She realised it was Jane knocking and Steve had let her in.

Cadence rushed through to the living room and stopped dead at the edge of the room. There they were, face-to-face with each other, Jane half smiling as she wasn’t fully aware of what was causing the tension between them.

Cadence shot a ‘don’t-you-dare’ look at Steve as he walked over to Jane, then walked past just as quick and out the door.

Cadence felt embarrassed about what had just happened; she instinctively crossed the room and gave Jane a hug.

“I’m sorry you had to witness that sweetie, you ok?”

“Yeah sure, you ok? What the hell just happened?”

“He’s being an extra-special asshole today, don’t worry about it, I’m dealing with it. Let’s get going, I’ve got the booze, the pontoon boat is ready!”

Jane grabbed Cadence’s hand.

“Are you sure everything’s ok? I could disappear for a bit while you sort it out, I don’t mind.”

“Don’t you dare disappear on me, I’ve only just found you!” Cadence said with a soft voice.

Jane smiled and playfully tugged on Cadence’s shorts belt, then they headed out to the lake.


The lake at night was magical; the sun was still out and you could see the yellow tinge on the water. Cadence had stretched out on the lounger as the pontoon boat idled in the centre of the lake. Jane’s gaze fell over toward Cadence.

Her long tanned legs shimmered in the gentle light of sunset. Jane’s eyes travelled the length of her body, over her thighs, toned and tanned. She had taken off her shirt to reveal a bikini and was much more comfortable with semi-nudity than she had been before, during the volleyball game. It may have had something to do with several rum cocktails she’d had already.

Jane licked her lips with anticipation as she slowly trailed her eyes up towards Cadence’s breasts and she could feel the excitement build between her legs; she’d not had the chance to really appreciate Cadence up close like this for any length of time.

Cadence turned to her and sent a sexy smile in her direction and Jane didn’t need any more cues. She moved across the boat to where Cadence was laying and straddled her on the lounger. Cadence sat up almost immediately and their lips met.

They kissed hungrily, passionately. Cadence’s hands moved up toward Jane’s breasts, her thumbs circling her nipples; Jane could barely breathe. Cadence’s hands circled round to her back, up and inside her t-shirt as their tongues were touching. They groaned in unison, as Cadence called her name. “Jane…”

“Jane !.. Jane !”

Jane snapped back to reality as she realised she’d almost nodded off in the middle of a little daydream. She looked right at Cadence and blushed furiously, as it came to her in a rush what she’d been thinking. The temptation was killing her.

“You had a little grin on your face. What were you daydreaming about sweetie?” Cadence asked with a smirk on her face. “Something naughty, I bet..” Cadence giggled and went back to her magazine.

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” Jane whispered to herself.

Cadence thumbed through the magazine, not really concentrating on its content. She thought Jane had gone quiet all of a sudden; she knew she’d been looking at her lounging but when she looked over to return the gaze, all she could see was a little smile and Jane’s eyes closed. It must have been a nice dream. She could only imagine what it was about.

The temptation to act on her impulses with Jane was becoming increasingly frustrating. Her argument with Steve had solidified her conviction about whether or not she should act on it. It was a definite yes but she still worried about the consequences and whether or not it would go anywhere, or if it was just a sex thing. But she knew that there were butterflies in her stomach every time she thought of Jane touching her, kissing her, breathing on her neck. Her mind flashed back to the night at the lakeside.

“You’re amazing, did you know that?” Jane had breathed as her mouth had slid across her neck.

Cadence came out of her trance and heaved a heavy sigh. She got up, started the boat and guided it back to the shore. They walked slowly back to the deck and Cadence noticed that Steve had disappeared. She took Jane by the hand and led her into the kitchen.

She turned around to face her; her fingers traced a gentle line over her forehead and down her cheeks, gently brushing her lips. Cadence tipped her chin upwards and their lips met.

Softly, slowly their tongues met as well; they were hungry for each other but this was a moment not to be rushed. Cadence’s fingers made their way round to the back of Jane’s neck, circling gently with her fingertips.

They parted upon hearing the sound of a car in the driveway. Cadence’s phoned beeped; she read it and blew a sigh of relief.

“Thank fuck, Steve’s gone to his friends’ house for the night, we’ve got the place to ourselves, so erm.. what do you wanna do with all this free time?” a naughty glint in her eye.


Jane was was nervous all of a sudden. This was it – all the waiting, all the daydreaming. She turned away from Cadence momentarily and looked around to check no one else was there.

The whole lake house was open plan and the living room and kitchen/dining area were connected. She didn’t have time to appreciate it now as suddenly, the lights dimmed and she felt a long arm slip around her waist and soft lips tease the back of her neck.

Jane’s head fell back onto Cadence’s shoulder; her eyes closed and she gave in to that feeling of heaven. This is the moment she had dreamed of all week.

She could feel Cadence turn her and edge her towards the kitchen counter in the middle of the room and as her ass hit the edge, Cadence’s arms motioned her up.

“Jump up sweetie, I want you on this counter.” She breathed and with a sly grin, she could actually make out now as Jane’s eyes got used to the dark.

Jane felt a rush of excitement; she certainly didn’t expect all this take-charge stuff from a beginner. She expected Cadence to be much more submissive. But no, here they were, Cadence’s hands reaching for her bra strap, and off it came, fingers gliding up her back on Jane’s skin like dancers on a stage.

Cadence yanked Jane’s t-shirt off to reveal her breasts; her mouth hungrily reached for a nipple as she slowly wrapped her tongue around it, teasing softly. Jane felt exhilarated, as she leaned back on her arms.

Cadence’s hand reached up to Jane’s face; she came up and kissed her deeply. Then, the same hand slid slowly down Jane’s neck, down in between her breasts, down her torso and into her pants. Cadence pulled them off quickly and threw them to some random point in the room.

Jane could barely contain the moan as Cadence put her fingers inside her, deeper and deeper with each thrust of her hand. Jane arched her back as she lay down on the counter, writhing and moaning in pleasure. It was all Jane could do not to fall off. She could feel herself reaching orgasm as Cadence paused briefly.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop!” Jane gasped.

“Stay still, I’ve not finished yet” Cadence giggled.

She wasn’t joking; as Cadence continued with her hand, she turned her fingers up towards her G-spot and Jane almost passed out from the wave of heat that passed through her groin at that moment. Cadence had already shifted position and her tongue was now circling Jane’s clit with all the expert motion of a seasoned ‘lesbian’.

Wow! This woman was out of this world. As her left hand was teasing her nipples, her tongue was on her clit and her right hand was inside her. Jane could not hold on any longer. As she felt herself coming, her back arched and she felt herself explode into a thousand tiny pieces; she let out a moan that would have probably woken the neighbours. Her body went limp, her legs wrapped around Cadence’s shoulders.

As she lay there panting, she saw, in the moonlight streaming through the window, the blue eyes of this woman lean over her to lay a kiss on her lips, as she lay there on the counter for a few minutes.

“I love touching you… can we go to bed and do some more?” Cadence asked playfully.

“Fuck yes….“ And with that, Cadence helped her down off the counter and led her to the bedroom.

Final part: Here

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