Lakeside: A Lesbian Fiction Story (Final Part)



Cadence woke shortly after 8am, as the morning sun shone into the bedroom. She blinked briefly, and she could smell the morning air wafting in through the open window. She turned gently and gazed lovingly at the woman next to her. Legs and arms entangled gently, her soft skin felt wonderful. Jane was sleeping soundly in her arms, chin in the nook of her neck.

Cadence smiled to herself as she stroked Jane’s hair and saw the gentle rise and fall of her chest against her own. A strange sense of peace fell over Cadence; this was the most content she had been in a long time. Her fingers gently glided down Jane’s shoulder and arm; Cadence blew gently on her face, and giggled as Jane’s nose twitched momentarily and she made a face in her sleep and then returned to normal.

She smiled again as she thought of last night… as Jane had undressed her, and kissed her, as she lay her down and explored every inch of her body with her tongue and fingers – except the places she wanted her to. Cadence had begged for release but Jane had teased her to the point of utter frustration.

“Please touch me,” Cadence had begged.

“I want you inside me….” Cadence had breathed through the fog of her impending orgasm, the haze of pleasure surging through her body.

Jane took pity and her tongue moved in slow motion around Cadence’s clit and as her lips and fingers sucked and licked and fucked her, Cadence could barely tell where she was; it was like she was outside herself, it was never this good with Steve. Her orgasm building, she couldn’t take any more as her body shuddered and she let out a scream in release. Jane didn’t stop though, it was too much, she couldn’t take it…..

“No no, stop, stop I can’t take any more…”; as she lay there panting with Jane’s head on her stomach, she let out a contented sigh.

“Oh wow, that was amazing” she said, her eyes skywardas she floated down from the clouds.

Jane moved up the bed to lie in the nook and kissed her gently on the neck. They had fucked for hours that night and had fallen asleep legs entwined.

Cadence looked again at Jane lying in her arms, and could say that she had never been this happy in her entire life.

As Jane opened her eyes, and moaned softly under the glow of the morning sun, Cadence teased her fingers through her short dark fringe; she cuddled her tighter, and wrapped her legs around her waist as they lay together.

“Morning sleepy head, you look beautiful this morning… how are you feeling ?”

“Mmmm good, very good…. I wondered if I’d been dreaming, then I felt you next to me. What about you, how are you feeling?” Jane asked nervously.

“Can you not tell from the grin on my face, or the screams I made last night?” Cadence said coyly.

“You’re amazing Jane, and I haven’t stopped grinning since I woke up.” She nuzzled Jane’s nose gently and they kissed softly, “you made me feel amazing.”

Cadence rolled over on top of Jane she kissed her deeper this time, her mouth hungrily searching for her lover’s tongue, Jane’s arms around Cadence’s neck, hands clutching, searching, gliding on each others skin, fingers teasing every inch of each other’s bodies.

Cadence was completely unaware of the voyeur in the doorway who could see them both; the watcher stayed momentarily before spinning on their heels away and out of the house.

The bang of the front door jolted Cadence and Jane out of their mutual trance; Cadence and Jane both looked towards the bedroom door.

“Is someone in the house?” Jane asked.

“There can’t be, you’d hear them, they’d call out, ….” Cadence quickly got up, threw on a t- shirt and ran to the front room.

“There’s no one here!” she shouted through to the bedroom. ‘Thank fuck for that’ Cadence thought to herself; that’s the last thing she needed right now. She wondered if it had just been a door bang or if someone had been in there, and if so who?

Cadence padded back into the bedroom where Jane was looking concerned.

“It’s fine, I think maybe it was just a breeze,” Cadence said. She slid out of the t-shirt and rejoined Jane in the bed.

“We haven’t yet talked about what we’re gonna do next, Jane.”

“I know, but maybe we shouldn’t just in case; perhaps just let this be what it is or was.” Jane’s voice trailed off despondently….

Cadence caught that quickly… “Hey, beautiful, you rocked my world last night; this was more than a one-night stand, regardless of the fact you’re leaving tonight, ok?”

“OK” Jane said with a smile.

“Now…… where were we?” Cadence grinned.

Jane pulled Cadence close and they spent the morning lost in each other, lost in each other’s embrace.

The watcher

Susan walked back to the cabin outside her mothers house. She liked to have a stroll around the area in the morning. It was incredibly peaceful; as she came down the drive, she spied her niece who was staying with them run out of Cadence’s place with a shocked look on her face.

“Sarah? What are you doing?”

She stopped short when she saw that Susan had caught her.

” Come here Sarah!”

The young woman walked over to her with a more guilty look this time.

“What were you doing in Cadence’s house?”

“Nothing, I was looking for Cadence, but she was busy.” She flushed a little.

“Busy with what exactly?” Susan asked curtly.

“She was in her room, she was with Jane, they were… um… doing stuff. Don’t make me spell it out. They were in bed together.”

She had that flustered look most teenagers have when talking about anything remotely adult, so Susan didn’t push her for more details but she couldn’t quite believe what she’d just heard.

“You must have imagined it Sarah, don’t even think about telling another person about this, do you understand?”

“Yeah, like I’d want people to know I was spying on a pair of lesbos” She paused briefly, looking worried. “Cadence isn’t…. gay, is she?”

“Who knows but keep it to yourself.”

Sarah nodded and wandered off.

Susan was having trouble taking this in, but decided that she’d wait a while before confronting Cadence. As she looked over at the house, her thoughts were on what she might say to Cadence when she caught up with her later.


Cadence let the water from the shower find every crevice of her body; she needed it after the sweat she’d worked up last night. Jane had gone back next door to pack for the airport. She couldn’t believe she was leaving already, they’d only just gotten it together and now Jane had to leave.

As she stepped out of the shower, towel draped around her chest, she could see Susan standing in the doorway to the bungalow, a tense look on her face.

“What’s up Susan?” Cadence asked.

“So, how long has it been going on then? I mean, for fuck’s sake, Cadence, I bring my friend here for a holiday and you end up shagging her? Does Steve know? What the hell are you playing at?” Susan looked at her, angrily.

Cadence could feel the fear well up in her throat, which quickly turned to annoyance at the mere mention of Steve’s name.

“What do you know, Susan, about my life? Haven’t you ever just wanted a change? I don’t love Steve anymore; it’s about time that I admitted it.”

Susan looked exasperated “You mean you’d give up all this just for her?”

“No I’d give up all this for me and my sanity, Susan! Now get out and mind your own beeswax!”

Cadence slammed the door behind Susan hard and the tears started. What was she doing? Did she even know? She’d spent so long feeling lost and confused about where her life was going, and it had all become clearer with Jane around. She’d never felt so free, so alive. Her skin tingled when she was with her; there was hope of happiness rather than a long road of nothing special. No matter what, she needed to decide what she wanted before Jane left for the UK tonight.  Cadence got dressed and went to work.

Leaving is hard

Jane sobbed quietly to herself, as she realised tonight she was going to leave here and leave Cadence. The love affair had been brief but amazing; she could still feel her lips on her neck, her hands around her waist. It was intoxicating, and distressing at the same time. Fuck, why was her life this shit, why couldn’t it be more simple?

Jane walked out to the deck, where she could see Cadence’s place; she was at work so there was no chance of a final sweet goodbye. It was gut-wrenching thinking that she couldn’t be with her one more time, one more chat, one more kiss. The tears streamed down her face as she realised their time together here was over. It seemed quite bleak; rational thought about returning didn’t cross her mind; it’s not like it couldn’t be done, but it wasn’t even considered possible while she was this sad, her feelings for Cadence now overwhelming her.

She stared out across the lake for hours while the clock counted down to leaving. As the time to depart arrived, Cadence still hadn’t arrived back from work and a rising panic welled up in her throat, but just then, Cadence texted that she would probably make it to the airport if not the lake to say goodbye and not to worry.

Cadence was now panicking that she’d not make it to the airport to say goodbye to Jane. She could tell that Jane was upset she hadn’t come back to the lake. She parked the car and walked through the airport to departures. They couldn’t have left already, could they?

Then she saw a little face that made her smile, a little face that looked very sad to be there. It was Jane looking despondent, and the instant she saw Cadence, there was that wicked grin she liked so much. Jane walked towards her and they embraced in a huge hug.

“Hey sweetie, I told you I wouldn’t miss it” Cadence whispered in her ear. “It was so amazing having you here, you better come back.”

Jane could barely keep her tears to herself “I will,” she said with a muffled sob, as Cadence held her gently.

“Don’t cry, sweetie, we had an amazing night. It meant everything to me; everything’s different for me now, but this is reality. You have to go home now and I have to sort out my life; we’re not dying for God’s sake. We just need to stay in touch and see what happens next. If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be.”

Cadence kissed Jane softly on the lips, as a tear ran down her face. “Call me when you land.”

As Jane turned to leave, their fingers brushed, and Jane turned away slowly, heading towards the gate and away from Cadence for how long, neither of them knew.

Cadence couldn’t believe how empty she felt at that moment; she turned to leave but a moment of clarity brought her out of her haze.

“Oh fuck it…” Cadence ran towards security and caught up just as Jane was about to go through.

“Jane! Stop!” she cried out. She had to say something, something really important. She knew she had been holding it in, but she had to say it.

Jane spun around with a surprised and hopeful look on her face.

“Are you OK, what’s wrong?”

Cadence  was out of breath but this was the most important moment of her life.

“Jane, I was scared to say this before……. I didn’t think I could admit this fully, and this time we’ve had together has made me realise…..” She paused as she looked into Jane’s eyes. She couldn’t keep it in. “Jane, I think I’m falling in love with you.” She gulped.

Jane looked taken aback at first, then grinned and leaned in quickly for a deep and satisfying kiss, right there in airport security.

They could hear clapping and whistles in the background as they parted and turned to see some happy Canadians witness their very own movie-like airport scene. Jane and Cadence hugged once more and parted knowing this wasn’t the end.

“I’ll call you when I get back, and we’ll work this out” Jane whispered.


(it ends where it began)

……….. Cadence was disappointed that she had to leave again so soon. They’d had such a great time the summer before last. It was like yesterday…………..

The little cafe they had been sat in for their very long awaited reunion, in Halifax, was busy with locals there for the celebrations.

The morning sun streaming in along the deck; street noises mingled with the sound of seagulls; the tinkle of masts clinking on the boats docked at the harbour and bacon and pancake smells which overwhelmed Cadence’s nostrils.

“You aren’t going now are you?” Jane enquired, “I realise we were meeting later as well but why don’t you stay for the parade?”. Jane took her hand softly, a hopeful gaze up in Cadence’s direction.

Cadence looked around and all she could see were happy couples. The rainbow bunting was on the outside of every cafe and bar on the dock. It was of course Pride Halifax and Cadence wanted to be there but was due at work, but she was the boss so could probably get away with not coming in.

“Oh hell, lets just do this!” she proclaimed.

Jane beamed from ear to ear. She took Cadence’s sunglasses off and kissed her passionately to the sound of clapping and cheering!”

Happy Pride!” came the chorus from the revellers around them.

Jane and Cadence smiled at each other, and walked hand in hand into the waiting parade crowd.

The future looked bright for both of them, and they were walking into it together.

The End 

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Picture credits: Paint Nite – Sunset On Rainbow Lake beginner painting idea with impressionist influence. Lizzy Wong (

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