BFI Flare Film Festival Preview: Poshida (Faizan Fiaz)

It's almost time for the BFI Flare Film Festival. Lee Williscroft-Ferris sits down to watch Poshida, a documentary by British-Pakistani filmmaker, Faizan Fiaz, which depicts the grim realities of everyday life for LGBT people in the South Asian nation.

TQ appeal: Help fund ‘The Boy From Mushin’

UK producer and director, Joe Cohen, is crowdfunding The Boy From Mushin, a feature-length documentary telling the story of Bisi Alimi, a man who risked everything by coming out live on TV in his native Nigeria.

Thatcher, AIDS and hopelessness: growing up gay in the 1980s and 90s

In a very personal piece, Lee Williscroft-Ferris discusses growing up gay in the 80s and 90s.

Queeroes: Lesbians and Gays Support The Miners

As part of our Queeroes series to mark LGBT History Month, Lee Williscroft-Ferris explains why the members of Lesbians & Gays Support The Miners are an personal inspiration to him.

Queerbate: Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell polarises opinion like no other human rights activist. TQ curators, Stephanie Farnsworth and Lee Williscroft-Ferris go head-to-head in this first 'Queerbate'.

Mental health charity CoolTan Arts plans events to mark LGBT History Month

South London-based mental health in arts charity, CoolTan Arts, are staging two exciting events to mark LGBT History Month. Find out more here.

LGBT History Month: Trans workers survey

Totaljobs are conducting research on the challenges faced by trans employees in 2016 Britain. Lee Williscroft-Ferris gives more detail.

LGBT History Month 2016: Queeroes!

February is LGBT History Month in the UK. Lee Williscroft-Ferris explains how we intend to mark the month here at The Queerness.

‘We need to have each others’ backs’: TQ meets CN Lester

CN Lester is a trans activist, musician, teacher, academic and author. They took time out in their typically hectic schedule to talk to Lee Williscroft-Ferris about a very exciting new project, as well as the ongoing battle for trans equality.

Gay men are fully-rounded emotional, social and, yes, sexual beings. Deal with it!

Why does the idea of gay men having sex freak so many people out? Lee Williscroft-Ferris discusses the issue of social desexualisation.