Queerbate: how do we deliver SRE in schools?

As the Conservative Party have once again blocked moves for schools to teach an inclusive approach to sex and relationships, Stephanie and Karen examine the issue and what can be done now.

Queerbate: Harry Potter and the Questions for Writers

With the release of The Cursed Child, Karen Pollock and Stephanie Farnsworth discuss LGBTQ+ representation in the Harry Potter series.

Queerbate: Are Levi’s milking non-binary people with their ‘gender neutral’ range?

Recently, Levi's launched a range of 'gender neutral' clothing named after the gay activist and politician, Harvey Milk. Stephanie Farnsworth and Karen Pollock discuss whether this is a step forward for mainstream recognition or shameless bandwagon-jumping.

Queerbate: Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell polarises opinion like no other human rights activist. TQ curators, Stephanie Farnsworth and Lee Williscroft-Ferris go head-to-head in this first 'Queerbate'.