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The Queerness is curated by a group of LGBTQ+ writers, all of whom bear collective responsibility for maintaining a steady stream of thought-provoking articles.

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Lee Williscroft-Ferris 
(Founding Curator)

Lee Williscroft-Ferris is the founder of The Queerness. He spent two years as Editor-in-Chief of So So Gay, then the UK’s fastest growing online LGBT magazine. He has also written for FS magazine and Reykjavik Grapevine and is a signature blogger at The Huffington Post UK and a contributor to Indy Voices. He is a left-handed dyspraxic vegan stumbling his way through life. He spends his time between Northumberland and Reykjavik and is particularly passionate about human and animal rights.


MarcusStowMarcus Stow (Engagement and Diversity Curator)

Marcus Stow is a cisgender gay man in Walthamstow, East London. He’s passionate about intersectionality in LGBT+ organisations and spaces. He loves to rant about racism, gentrification and other social justice issues on Twitter and has previously written for So So Gay. He likes to sing Whitney songs on karaoke and loves to encourage his husband to cook him gourmet meals.


Juno Roche12832303_560258824132989_8910659176691300649_n

Juno is a writer and campaigner with a focus on trans equality, sexual health and HIV. Juno writes for a wide range of publications from Refinery29 to the Tate Magazine. She is currently working on her first book. Juno is   Patron of CliniQ, a board member of the Sophia Forum and a member of the SWIFT steering committee.


the-queernessLois Shearing

Lois Shearing is a bisexual woman from the South East of England. She is a first class Multimedia Journalism graduate from Bournemouth University, looking to pursue a career in features or radio journalism, before becoming an eccentric and reclusive author. She strongly believes in unity and support between all gay, bi, and queer women. She is an avid music blogger and lover of all things pop-punk and hardcore. As an animal lover, she is proud to be that horsey girl you find in all social circles.


snapshot_20111210_11Annette Pryce

Annette is an accomplished trade union activist and avid speech writer. She works as a secondary school teacher in the Home Counties and spends her free time representing LGBTQ+ union members as a member of the NUT National Executive, where she is the LGBT+ Equality Seat Holder. She has been published in the Morning Star and Schools Week on LGBTQ+ issues in schools and education, as well as the Guardian’s ‘Secret Teacher’. She has been interviewed on radio in both England and Scotland on homophobic bullying and its effects. She is a cis-gender lesbian and a proud ally and advocate of and for the trans, bisexual and non-binary communities and all those in between. She believes that people’s lives shouldn’t be up for discussion or debate, and has a special interest in the progression of same-sex marriage laws internationally, as well as issues of faith and the LGBTQ+ community. She also sits on the TUC LGBT+ committee.


Sam Hope

Sam is an accredited trauma counsellor and EDI trainer with quite the collection of labels – queer, bi, non-binary, trans, demisexual, autistic, invisibly disabled with fibro and CPTSD, ambivert, vegan, and ageing hippy. They lived as a lesbian for many years, and spent a long time banging their head against transphobia in feminist and women-only spaces. Eventually this led to the setting up of the now-demised but highly popular Facebook page Lesbians and Feminists Against Transphobia and a commitment to unpacking and dismantling cissexism in feminist, lesbian, gay and left-wing spaces. Somewhere along the way, they medically transitioned to live in a gender not yet recognised by society at large. A committed community organiser in Nottingham, UK and a passionate pro-intersectional blogger and campaigner, Sam also writes for Beyond the Binary, is married to Robin, a trans guy, and owned by two and a half cats.


Louise McCudden

Louise McCudden is a queer cis woman who writes with anger and pleasure in equal measure. She has written for The Independent online, The F Word and OpenDemocracy among other outlets, and she has had some poetry and short fiction published as well. She mostly writes about politics, gender, and LGBTQ+ topics. Louise lives in Peckham with her girlfriend.



Andrew Macdougall

Andrew is a freelance journalist from Melbourne, Australia and completed a Diploma of Journalism via Australian College. A proud bisexual, Andrew, is an advocate for removing bierasure and biphobia from modern society as bisexuals face the struggle of acceptance from inside and outside LGBTQ+ circles. Andrew is also a staunch supporter of equal rights, marriage equality and hopes to move into the field of LGBTQ+ media and helping youth in the future. Andrew, who is a passionate sports fan, has had his work featured by numerous organisations and online publications, including Fansided, Pro Hockey News and Forza Italian Football. Outside of writing, Andrew – who is a Male Sharkie – loves fashion, music and relaxing at the beach.


Ibtisam Ahmed

Ibtisam Ahmed is a cisgender gay man from Bangladesh currently living and studying in Nottingham, UK. Both his academic and activist work involves dealing with intersections of race, gender and sexuality, particularly in reclaiming histories of queerness that are more organic to areas of the Global South. He is particularly keen on using his privileged position of living in the UK to help highlight the situation in countries where same-sex intimacy is still a criminal offence. He is currently the Commonwealth Decriminalisation Campaign Coordinator for Nottinghamshire Pride, one of the elected Representatives for the LGBTQ+ school outreach group Out in Education, Project Director for the Centre of Research in Race and Rights LGBT History Month, and a member of the LGBTQ+ people of colour group QTIPOC Notts. He also has experience as Campaigns Officer for the University of Nottingham student LGBT+ Network.