June: Pride

Karen Pollock introduces the theme for June, Pride.

Each month here at The Queerness, we try to examine a subject in a little more depth, and in what has come to be known as Pride Month, we want to look at Pride. Already, we have had organisers booking blackface acts and forgetting about the existence of bisexuals, suggesting that age-old issues are not being addressed. Who is Pride for? Who should it be for? How do we create the changes that seem to be needed? Or has Pride as a political event had its day – should we just embrace the party it has become?

Pride means more than an event though. Should we as LGBTQ+ people be proud of our identities? What does “loud and proud” mean in 2017? With more young people rejecting traditional LGBTQ+ labels, does the idea of “gay pride” feel antiquated? Digging even further, are we still caught up in shame around certain identities? Is pride in being non-monogamous, non-conventional, challenging societal norms still needed when slut shaming, body shaming, age shaming are so strong?

This month, we hope to explore what Pride, in all its forms, means for LGBTQ+ people. As always, guest posts are welcome; either leave a reply in the comments, or email lee@thequeerness.com with your pitch.

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