Homophobia as sexual abuse

Guest writer and Queer Therapist Adam Blum talks to TQ about the damaging effect of homophobia.

The shadow lingering over so many LGBTQ+ people’s Christmas

With the festive season approaching, guest writer Hadley ponders on what this means for many LGBTQ+ people.

5 common mental health issues if you are bisexual

A guest writer, Marcus Clarke, looks at the mental health issues faced by bi people

When free speech costs

Amid signs of an emboldened far right on both sides of the Atlantic, Sam Hope explores how a distorted version of "free speech" has become toxic.

The hidden wellbeing issues underlying the Pride and policing debate

How do we bridge the chasm between those who want a visible police presence at Pride events and those who do not? Sam Hope proposes that those with power need to listen harder.

Give us your funding

Steph Farnsworth argues that if we're serious about mental health, we need to prioritise those most marginalised. 

Banned books and ships that still sail

As part of our January book month Karen Pollock looks at the history of banning controversial books, in order to "protect" children.

I can’t sleep; I’m bisexual

Guest writer Holly Mathies muses post-Orlando on #loveislove, mental health and being a bisexual woman married to a man.

Look away now

Karen Pollock discusses how for many survivors of child abuse, the fact they are LGBTQ+ impacts on how they are treated, and their ability to heal.

It’s not about you

How should a parent respond to an LGBTQ+ child? Karen Pollock explores the issues of parenting, coming out and when non acceptance is abusive