How I’m overcoming my chemsex addiction

In this incredibly personal piece, guest writer Junior Maxwell talks about his ongoing journey from chemsex addiction to sobriety.

7 Sex Tips Straight Men Should Take From Gays

Guest writer Peter Minkoff gives straight men some sex tips as a gay man.

Being gay and lonely: Sexual anxiety

Guest writer, Peter Minkoff, talks candidly about his experiences with sexual anxiety and offers some useful advice.

The Bisexual Stereotype

As part of our month of talking about sex, Stephanie Farnsworth considers why aromantic is seen to mean emotionless, and asks whats so wrong with sex based on feelings other than romantic love?

What are we afraid of?

On World Aids Day Karen Pollock looks at how attitudes to acceptable types of sex still lead to stigma and prejudice towards those with HIV Today is World Aids Day, a day that many of us hoped would have had become unnecessary when we first stared wearing red ribbons to show our support for those … Continue reading What are we afraid of?

Let’s talk about sex

This December the Queerness team are talking about sex, and all the good things, and the bad things, it can be!

Pornography is not the demon you are looking for

The digital economies billstells people with "non conventional" sexual desires that they are lesser, Karen Pollock explores why this is an unacceptable step backwards in the treatment of LGBTQ people

It ain’t what you do…

Suddenly it seems everyone has an opinion on anal play, after Amber Rose used a liking for it to attempt to embarrass Kayne West. Karen Pollock explores the idea that sexuality is defined by sex acts.

Gay men are fully-rounded emotional, social and, yes, sexual beings. Deal with it!

Why does the idea of gay men having sex freak so many people out? Lee Williscroft-Ferris discusses the issue of social desexualisation.