REAL LIFE: Coming out as Bi, later in life

In the first part of a series where we explore the coming out experiences of real people rather than those in the limelight, our first guest writer Laura Henares Vinaches, from Spain, gives us her very personal account of her coming out experience and discusses issues around biphobia and invisibility.

Night moves

As part of a pride month series, a story by: Dan Fitzgerald

The bisexual performer

Guest writer Alex Rivers takes us on a biographical personal journey through his burgeoning sexual identity.

Bisexuality, parenting and me

Our guest writer, Alex Wainwright, explores in this personal essay his various identities as a bisexual man, a parent and the conflicts between them.

When holding hands is a fine line between pride and fear

Guest writer Otis Robinson takes us on a personal journey on what it is like to be out in queer Britain, and the difficulties we still face.

Losing my religion

Our guest writer Seven Victor discusses the impact of internalised transphobia, acceptance and moving forward.

Queer Media; it’s time to do better bi us

In light of recent biphobic articles published by queer media outlets, Lois Shearing addresses some of the myths perpetuated both outside of and within the LGBTQ+ community.

Why Kevin Spacey’s abuse brought back painful memories of the closet

Ibtisam Ahmed looks at how the closet can play a toxic role in situations relating to sexual abuse.

National Coming Out Day: who is it really for?

On National Coming Out Day, Louise McCudden takes a critical look at “coming out” culture, and how it fuels heterosexism.

Are we OK? The performance of emotional labour in queer spaces

Karen Pollock explores who emotional labour is demanded of, and why this should be challenged.