How fitness saved my queer life

Guest writer Peter Minkoff describes how health and fitness has contributed to improving his life.

Surviving the COVID-19 lockdown: The TQ guide for LGBTQ+ people

LGBTQ+ people are disproportionately affected by loneliness, mental ill-health and social isolation. Lee Williscroft-Ferris suggests some strategies for surviving and thriving during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Sober socials: Does the queer community have an alcohol problem?

LGBTQ+ socialising has been centred around alcohol for as long as we can remember. Daz Skubich explores why now is the time for more dry queer events.

The Pride’s guide to understanding sexual health

The Queerness is pleased to run a guest piece on the issue of LGBTQ+ sexual health to mark World Sexual Health Day.

[a montage of images from Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, universally portraying cis, femme women with the colour pink dominating]

Cissexism could cost lives to cervical cancer

As Cervical Cancer Prevention Week comes to an end, Sam Hope reflects on how the campaigning often neglects groups who may be particularly at risk

“Me Too”: LGBTQ+ people and sexual assault

When all LGBT+ people including men are at elevated risks of sexual violence, how can we speak about this without erasing men's violence against women? Sam Hope shares some intersectional insight on the issue

Conservatives ruling the streets causes problems between the sheets

Guest writer, Lewis Henshall, looks at last week's political events through the lens of his and other LGBTQ+ people's personal experiences.

Bisexuality and intimate partner violence: Enabled and encouraged

Stephanie Farnsworth examines the issue of intimate partner violence and how it has seeped into bisexual life.

Trans and HIV-positive: It’s time to make our case

Trans activist Juno Roche writes for The Queerness on the myriad issues associated with being a trans woman and HIV-positive.

Bisexual Health Month: what we need to know

For Bisexual Health Month, Stephanie Farnsworth examines the health issues bisexual people are facing