Why does Durham Pride need to be educated about blackface in 2017?

Durham Pride has apologised for booking a white performer impersonating Beyonce with blackface make-up. Marcus Stow asks: Do we really need to remind people that blackface is offensive in 2017?

The problem with The Guardian’s take on racism in LGBTQ+ spaces

There's nothing wrong per se with the content of Owen Jones' piece in The Guardian on racism in LGBTQ+ spaces, but it says a lot about the voices mainstream media chooses to publish.

Whitney Houston and the art of the diva

As part of The Queerness' Music Month, Marcus Stow discusses the impact and legacy of Whitney Houston, for the music world and him personally

#GayMediaSoWhite & why diversity in LGBTQ+ media matters

As the debate rages about diversity in LGBTQ+ media, Marcus Stow discusses how it's just part of a wider problem that can make anyone who isn't a cisgender white gay male feel excluded

The Oscars, media diversity, and can LGBTQ+ people get paid?

As the debate about the lack of diversity in the Oscar nominations intensifies, Marcus Stow asks, can LGBTQ+ people get paid for telling our own stories?

Can #BlackTwitter unite black LGBTQ+ people across the diaspora?

#BlackTwitter is never far from the media spotlight, as black people campaign, debate and discuss black culture. Marcus Stow investigates how black LGBTQ+ people are uniting via the power of the tweet.

Queer footballers and the politics of coming out

With the media suggesting that premiership footballers are set to come out, Marcus Stow looks at the politics of coming out and asks what our allies are doing to support us

“I don’t fancy Black or Asian people, it’s just a preference” – or is it?

There's been renewed media interest in "sexual racism" in queer spaces and how it impacts our dating lives. Marcus Stow ponders: shouldn't we be asking some deeper questions about what it says about our society in general?

Why do you see so few black same-sex couples?

Marcus Stow delves into the reasons behind so many black gay men being in relationships with white guys and comes up with some fascinating conclusions.