Are you ready for The Queerness?

The Queerness is a brand new concept in LGBTQ+ critical thought.

Founded by Lee Williscroft-Ferris, ex-Editor-in-Chief of So So Gay, The Queerness is, quite simply, a critical collective giving a platform for queer voices.

A group of dedicated and talented LGBTQ+ writers deliver essays, features, reviews and columns that delve into and reach the very nucleus of the key issues of the day that matter most to our community.

Each of our hugely talented curators shares equal responsibility for maintaining the site. We are a true collective in that we have no Editor-in-Chief. Together, we recruit new curators and guest writers to produce a steady stream of engaging content and quality assure what we are putting out.

At the heart of our work is an unswerving commitment to intersectionality and to amplifying the voices of the most marginalised in our queer community.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of a living, breathing, dynamic critical collective, click here for more information.