Supporting trans youths: TQ meets the CEO of Mermaids

Susie Green is the CEO of Mermaids, a charity dedicated to supporting transgender children and young people. She spoke with Stephanie Farnsworth about the work of Mermaids and the issues they faced daily in the battle to improve support for trans young people.

Call-outs: a user’s guide

It can be frustrating to be called out for being oppressive, particularly when you feel marginalised in some way yourself. Danni Glover considers how to approach the situation with grace.

Keeping up with the heteros

Dan Phillips looks at the way gay men have been represented on our screens, and wonders how helpful representation has really been. Gay characters on screen are not new; they have been around for years under many different guises. If we travel back to before the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967 you can see Dirk…

What if it doesn’t get better?

In a powerful guest post Jonathan Hume reminds people that when you are poor and disabled, it’s not as simple as moving to somewhere “better”.

Where do I belong?

As part of our All roads lead to…series Karen Pollock writes of their personal experiences of being told London was the place to be.