August: The Swimsuit Edition

This August the Queerness is looking at bodies, and the queer communities often difficult relationship with them

Other lands

The great unexplored realm of the trans vagina, in this piece Juno lays bare.

X-Men: Bad Queer Civil Rights Crusaders, Not Hetero Heroes

The X-Men characters are presented in more palatable heterosexual bodies but they are very much a coded narrative on two branches of queer protest and resistance. Sean O’Toole writes about why X-Men stories resonate with queer trauma, safe spaces, and survival.

July: Dont look back in anger

As part of our July theme “Talkin ’bout my generation”, Karen Pollock explores why so many of the big names of LGBTQ+ activism seem resistant to change and new ideas.

Chapter two – It’s different now?

It’s different now though isn’t it, the stigma, it’s not as bad as it was in the early days of inscribed tombstones and crashing rocks? Juno Roche continues looking back over her story.