Lights! Camera! Action!

The theme for September is Film, introduced by Karen Pollock. 

Do you remember the first screen icon who made your heart pound a little faster? Did you stay up late to watch queer films which showed you a world you barely dreamt of being possible? Has film been a part of your queer journey?

Back in the 1980s, when Channel Four introduced the pink triangle warning to ensure no teenager ever missed a queer film  to prevent delicate young minds from being corrupted, queer content in films was rare, and with a “top shelf” aspect. Have we moved on? Is queer film still a ghetto, and is that actually a problem, have Hollywood attempts to chase the Pink Pound shown we are better off being non mainstream?

This September, our theme is Film; the ones which changed our lives, and the changes which need to be made to the film industry. If you have a film you would like to review, a life changing moment you want to write about, or a view on queer cinema you want to share, please get in touch. Alongside our usual news, reviews and opinion pieces, our curators will also be giving their thoughts on queerness and the movies.

We are ready for our close up.

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