Singles of the Week – 9th August 2019

Kerri Wynter reviews the latest singles, including releases from Katy Perry, BROCKHAMPTON and Labrinth & Zendaya.


Katy Perry – ‘Small Talk’

The concept queen is back with ‘Small Talk’, a pop track that captures the awkwardness of moving on from a failed relationship. A process that is bitter-sweetly summed up with “…honestly it’ll probably be a while before we can just be friends.” Compared to ‘Never Really Over’, there’s not much to ‘Small Talk’ except that it is a short repetitive exchange that mimics the topic at hand.


Conor Maynard – ‘Not Over You’

Maynard highlights his controlling behaviour with his new single, ‘Not Over You’, featuring the lyrics: “I hope you lose your job and every cent, so you ain’t got enough to pay your rent. But if you need to, you can stay at mine.” The most disturbing thing is that these manipulative lyrics are disguised with an upbeat backing track and a catchy chorus, before Maynard goes onto providing listeners with a 101 Guide to Stalking, “I made a fake page just to follow you and I’ve been goin’ to the bar you like.”


BROCKHAMPTON – ‘If You Pray Right’

Tackling one of the world’s touchiest subjects, ‘If You Pray Right’ takes the listener on a whirlwind of religious references, BROCKHAMPTON bizarreness and a fine selection of sound effects. As grippingly haunting as an episode of Stranger Things, this track takes your imagination for a dark ride whilst Matt Champion performs his mantra: “Watch your back, don’t leave your door cracked. Slither through your space and watch it all collapse.” Joba serves up everything I wish Eminem was still delivering this decade, as his twisted verse sums up everything that fans love – and their parents hate – about rap music.


Natasha Bedingfield – ‘Kick It’

Not that I’m the most credible source to review Bendingfield’s work, considering that ‘Unwritten’ and ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’ are wrapped in layers of childhood nostalgia for me. Which, to be honest, would explain why we all prefer the “old songs” to the new releases we hear on the radio today. Saying this, ‘Kick It’ is another feel-good anthem from England’s finest. The only difference is that this time, the message of hope is balanced out with the wisdom that comes with experience – “I really wanna say I know ya… but the truth is I’d be tellin’ a lie”.


Labrinth & Zendaya – ‘All For Us’

After the success of Kendrick Lamar and SZA’s ‘All The Stars’, there’s no questioning why we are seeing more collaborations appear on soundtracks. In ‘All For Us’, Labrinth and the multi-talented Zendaya effortlessly bounce off of one another to create a dynamic and alluring single. One of the most impressive elements of this track is its ability to sneak important topics into the subconsciousness of the mainstream with lines, such as “Working like a slave (Mississippi, aye-aye).”

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