Cute and fun LGBTQ+ date night ideas to try out ASAP

Peter Minkoff gives us the skinny on Queer Dating, both in and out of a relationship.

Straights might be satisfied with monthly date nights that include a dinner and a stroll, but not us. The alphabet mafia needs a bit more when it comes to dating and courting. No matter if you and your partner just started dating or if you two have been together for ages, it’s important to keep the magic alive with regular well thought-out date nights. If you need some ideas, here are a few cute, fun and romantic date night ideas your gay partner will love: 

Prepare a home spa experience

Paying for a spa evening will take a toll on your wallet, but you can surprise your partner with an at-home spa experience without spending too much money. Firstly, prepare the bath with plenty of bath bombs and aromatic salts. After you’re done soaking together, consider giving your partner a nice whole-body massage. Start with the face and go all over their body. This will undoubtedly lead to some other things, but you can always go back to finish the job with a relaxing feet massage and a nice 15-minute face mask. This might not be a suitable first-date idea, but if you’re comfortable with each other, it can be just what both of you needed. 

Play board games

What was the last time you played a board game? Probably in a long time. Well, dust off your old monopoly or rent out some modern board games and get to roll those dice. If you want to make things more interesting, you can add your own rules to the game like taking a drink whenever someone rolls a six or taking off a piece of clothing when someone rolls a one. This type of date night can be full of laughs, friendly competition and spicy banter. And if you win, you can ask for anything as a reward! 

Go on a wine tasting

If both of you feel like dressing up and looking (and feeling) fancy, then you can book yourself a wine tasting date. There are many events around that offer a great experience that includes a short lesson about wines, wine tasting and some interesting pairings. And if you don’t want to be the worst two wine tasters there, you can prepare at home and learn a bit about different varieties and aromas, like the famous Soave. This preparation for your wine tasting can be just as fun as the main even so your date hype can go on for days! Just remember to grab quality wine for your at-home “studying” because you don’t want to wake up every day with a headache. 

Look at the stars

In the city, you can never see the stars—we ruined that experience for us with all the light pollution. However, you can take your car and your partner and drive out into nature just a little bit in order to be treated to a nighttime spectacle. To prepare for your stargazing evening of romance, put plenty of blankets and pillows in your car because you’re going to spend a lot of time on your back (get your mind out of the gutter right now!). You can even download a good astronomy app like SkySafari or Stellarium which shows you a variety of interesting things about the night sky in front of you. 

See a drive-in movie

If you love watching a movie together but want to change things up from your regular dinner and movies in the cinema, you can grab your car and visit a drive-in theater. This cinematic experience is perfect for couples because you can get all the privacy you need for smooches in between the scenes and talk about the action as loud as you want. Don’t forget to stock up on snacks and drinks to make your movie experience even better! 

Make sure to surprise your partner with these super fun and romantic date ideas and you’re guaranteed to leave a trail of green flags! 

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