The importance of mental health support for LGBTQ+ individuals

Our international guest writer Indiana Lee talks about Mental Health.

Homophobia as sexual abuse

Guest writer and Queer Therapist Adam Blum talks to TQ about the damaging effect of homophobia.

Surviving the COVID-19 lockdown: The TQ guide for LGBTQ+ people

LGBTQ+ people are disproportionately affected by loneliness, mental ill-health and social isolation. Lee Williscroft-Ferris suggests some strategies for surviving and thriving during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Transgender Trend follow in the footsteps of other anti LGBTQ+ organisations

Two of our curators, teacher Annette Pryce and psychotherapist Karen Pollock discuss the publication of advice for schools by the anti-trans lobby group Transgender Trend

Digital mirror: Finding ourselves in The Sims

Rounding off our theme for August, mental health, a group of fans of 'The Sims' explains how conducive the game is to a sense of well-being and community.

5 common mental health issues if you are bisexual

A guest writer, Marcus Clarke, looks at the mental health issues faced by bi people

The hidden wellbeing issues underlying the Pride and policing debate

How do we bridge the chasm between those who want a visible police presence at Pride events and those who do not? Sam Hope proposes that those with power need to listen harder.

Playing the identity card: Why respect for self-identification matters

For our Mental Health Month series, Karen Pollock explores how some identities are seen as more valid than others, and the harm this causes to marginalised people. 

All in the mind?

Karen Pollock introduces our theme for August, mental health.

Prince William in Attitude: We don’t owe anyone our thanks

We don't owe Prince William a debt of gratitude for his appearance in 'Attitude'. Rather, we should expect more.