Why the “U-Haul Lesbian” myth persists

Our international guest writer Noah Rue examines evidence around the urban myth of lesbian co-habiting habits early on in relationships and its impact.

Lakeside: A Lesbian Fiction Story (Final Part)

As part of a Pride month series, The Queerness presents the concluding part of a lesbian fiction story by Erica Knight.

Butch. [yes] please!

TQ's Joint editor Annette Pryce is in short, a little bit butch, she's a bit short as well, but we wont hold that against her. She took a look at the renowned lesbian club night Butch. Please! at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern

Film Review: The Duke of Burgundy

Karen Pollock explores the themes behind The Duke of Burgundy, a story of love, betrayal and how far we will go to please a love