January: The 2017 Book Club

In January, The Queerness is opening the pages on its favourite books, with personal views, and reviews.

Each month, as well as our news, reviews, long reads and guest posts, we try to take a look at one topic in a little more depth. As we leave 2016 behind, the temptation to curl up with a good book, and pretend it was all a Cervantes style dream has never been stronger. However, books are also part of how we discover ourselves, how LGBTQ+ people throughout history found each other. Books have given voices to the silenced, and for so many been the first moment of realisation of who they are.

So, this January we will be looking forward, and back, at books that changed lives, and books we still return to. Are there books you think every LGBTQ+ person should read? Reviews, views, and personal explorations – throughout January we will be opening the pages on those worlds which so often save us, when this world seems too much.

If you would like to write a guest post or review books that matter to you, get in touch via the comments, or contact (@TheQueerness)

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