Jerry Cornelius, a queer hero?

Guest Writer, Gareth Davies asks who are your queer heroes when you grew up with in a world where the very word was unspeakable except as a slur

February: Looking forward, looking back

Our curator Karen Pollock looks forward to whats happening at TQ this month

The fight to decriminalise same-sex intimacy in the Commonwealth

As part of our monthly theme of politics, Ibtisam Ahmed looks at the campaign to decriminalise same-sex intimacy at the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Why I do not support a ban on “conversion” therapy

As part of our politics month Karen Pollock challenges the idea legislation is always the best tool for protecting LGBTQ+ peo

Politics is personal; Why LGBTQ+ people need to be represented at all levels of government

Politics is personal; Why LGBTQ+ people need to be represented at all levels of government.

January: Time to get political!

A look ahead at what we will be covering in January.

Navigating age and ageism within trans communities

Sam Hope explores the complexity of a type of oppression that time is constantly changing

The queer age

This November we will be exploring what age means to lgbtq+ people. Karen Pollock introduces the theme

Trade unions versus individual rights

The tension between collective power and individual rights is being brought to the attention of many by how Trade Unions address LGBTQ+ rights Gareth Davies, a guest writer explores how the issue might play out.

“Yesterday my uncle asked me what cisgender meant ?”

In a guest post for human rights month, Douglas Robertson explores the growing awareness of trans rights in popular consciousness - and how it's time for cis people to pick a side.