Our monthly themes usually have a clever title, very often a pun. This month it is just one word; Gender.

One word which looms over so much of the debate within, and without, the LGBTQ+ community. One word which can tear apart friendships, relationships, families, even entire countries. This April we are looking at gender, what is it, how does it impact our lives, can it even be defined, does it need to be? We want to broaden the debates beyond the usual entrenched positions, and also look at aspects of gender rarely discussed. Issues such as men who are carers, femmephobia, gendered expectations around kink, parenthood, and a whole host of other aspects of our culture which are so strong.

We, as always, love guest posts, and welcome new writers, especially from those whose voices are marginalised or less represented in LGBTQ+ media. Just contact the Queerness Twitter or leave a comment here. However, a word of warning, we will not run any transphobic/ gender criticial posts. We are not interested in rehashing tired “debates” about the right of one section of the community to exist, if that sounds like censorship to you, we suggest you start your own magazine.

Let’s make this a month to be proud of, to think, question, celebrate and explore, what is the impact of gender on LGBTQ+ people in 2017?


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