The queer age

This November we will be exploring what age means to lgbtq+ people. Karen Pollock introduces the theme

The theme for November is age, in all its connotations, insinuations and stereotypes. People often talk of “queer time” a more fluid and slower process of aging when many of the rituals of adulthood have been denied lgbtq+ people. We want to look at all aspects of age, from age of consent to how lgbtq+ are treated as they grow older, this month.

Is the idea of queer time even still relevent as we can settle down, get married and spend Saturdays at ikea, or does it still exist for those who cannot access respectability?

We welcome guest posts, either on our monthly theme or any news, views or reviews. Get in touch via twitter, or email

One thought on “The queer age

  1. What an extraordinary proposition–to define “queer time” in opposition to the assimilation of queer folk into hegemonic “normalized” time. I suppose we need ask: “Are ‘queer’ and ‘normal’ oppositional; and can we consider Time as a congruence of departure, or is time neither chronoprogressive nor scatter-plot random?”


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