Editorial: Warped logic

The Queerness Editor comments on the recent news coming out of the US: The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe Vs Wade.

Well the USA is at it again. It’s not LGBTQ+ rights this time. They have stripped away the rights to legal and safe abortions across the country except in those states that already protect it. A right to choose if to have an abortion has been a fundamental part of the law of the land in the states since the early 1970’s; now ripped asunder by a majority of Republican appointed Justices. It is a dark day in the United States for those whose choices around abortion and even getting appropriate health care for a miscarriage could land them in prison.

It’s hard to fathom living in a country that has laws like that in 2022, and here in the UK our laws progressed alongside society after the 1967 Act but we shouldn’t forget UK citizens here once had the same problems as those in the states. We are being complacent if we don’t keep a watchful eye on what politicians in the UK are saying now. We’ve already seen a MSP suggest that he was “pretty positive about the ruling”, he suggests that ‘democracy can now decide on laws around abortion at state level‘. This is a naive world view from John Mason MSP, who clearly doesn’t understand American politics properly, and yet also simultaneously suggests that politicians, who are mainly men and right wing conservative politicians, can be the deciders of whether someone can choose what they do with their own body, and imprison them if they are unlucky enough to have a miscarriage, in some states.

The LGBTQ+ community need to stand in solidarity and avoid becoming complacent. We know only too keenly how quickly rights can be rolled back. The US Justices are already thinking of coming after their contraception and same sex relationships.

50 Years after the first pride event in the UK, we must never forget the fight we had to get here, and that fight isn’t over by a long shot; as our Trans siblings are still fighting for bodily autonomy, we need to remain united and stand against those who would choose to divide our communities.

Gender critical/transphobic logic and anti-abortion logic, either of which will end up costing an individual gravely, in the worst case scenario, is warped both here and in the US to the point where it has left the door open for a resurgence of right wing reversal of policy. The attacks on trans rights have set the stage for those on the evangelical right waiting in the wings for their moment.

We must not let our guard down. If you’re in the USA and reading this right now, and you need solidarity, know that we’re with you and we hear you.

Editorial ~ Annie (Editor)

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