Editorial: Warped logic

The Queerness Editor comments on the recent news coming out of the US: The Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe vs Wade.

We stand with Feminist Ire

TQ shows our support for and solidarity with Irish Feminists and their open letter to the organisers of the "We need to talk" tour

Why anti trans feminists are setting back women’s civil rights

Queerness Curator Sam Hope demonstrates why the feminist anti-trans lobby are doing Patriarchy's work for it, and makes some radical suggestions for ways forward.

Feminism does not have to be trans-exclusionary

Annette Pryce discusses the use of a well known phrase.

Et tu, Chimamanda?

Guest writer Sam Hope reflects on Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi's recent pronouncement on trans women and challenges the notion of 'real women'.

The reality of women

After a weekend when yet again the validity of trans identities has been called into question Karen Pollock explores the ideas of realness and authenticity

Warpaint: memoirs of a femme

For many, makeup can be critical in constructing their queer identity. For others, it is constrictive. Danni Glover considers the role cosmetics play in her own identity.