B-Day gift ideas for an LGBTQ+ person in your life

Peter Minkoff celebrates queer gift giving with this helpful guide.

If you’re a member of the “alphabet mafia” or just a good ally to all LGBTQ+ folks, you know that we are notoriously hard to shop for. Most of us have very specific tastes in fashion and design, and we firmly know what we want and don’t want to keep in our apartments or wear on our bodies. But we also have birthdays and you can’t show up without a good gift. For many, money works just as well as any gift, but if you want to be more personal, here are a few great gift ideas for all LGBTQ+ people. 

A queer book 

Today, there are more LGBTQ+ books than ever before, and no matter how big of a bookworm your gift recipient is, you’ll definitely find something they haven’t read yet. The best thing about an LGBTQ-themed book is that it not only celebrates diversity and queerness but also supports queer writers and artists. And we definitely need to support each other in these hard times. After they read the book, you can use it as a coffee table enhancer or give their shelf some decoration. 

A stylish accessory

It’s definitely a stereotype that all LGBTQ+ people know how to dress perfectly without any help. If you have a hopeless dresser on your hands, help them with a small stylish accessory (that may or may not be Pride-related). For instance, a classic logo tee is always a welcome addition to any outfit. You can also go with a new tie, a designer bag or even a few pairs of fun socks. All of these are pretty unisex presents that can work for anyone, as long as you take into consideration their style preferences. 

Hair products

This is a very universal gift suitable for all LGBTQ+ people, no matter their gender or orientation. Even people who don’t have any hair at all can benefit from hair products, more accurately, from scalp care products. If your gift recipient has long hair but often struggles with keeping it nice, healthy and shiny, you can grab a practical detangling hair brush that will make hair maintenance not just faster but less painful and damaging. These special brushes are suitable for all hair types and many different lengths, so you don’t have to worry whether they will work on your friend’s hair. You can also go with a nurturing balsam for hair health or a shaving razor for those who love to maintain a sleek and sexy bold look. 

A workout gadget

There’s one thing gym gays can agree on: you can never have too many gym gadgets. All gym rats love to accessorize their workouts with useful gadgets that will boost their performance and make them look even hotter as a result. A fitness tracker is always a good idea because it’s both useful and stylish. If they already have the latest generation fitness tracker, you can go with new rainbow elastic bands or a new foam roller. A stylish new high-tech yoga mat is also a great present, especially if you choose to personalize it with their favorite motivational quote, iconic LGBTQ+ sentence, or their initials. 

A cocktail set

Does your LGBTQ+ birthday person love to host fun dinner parties, game nights or movie nights? Well, then you can make their parties even better with a pro cocktail set. These sets usually contain a shaker, strainer, measuring cups and pourers, but you can also throw in a fun cocktail recipe book to get them starter on mixology. Those Drag Race viewing parties have just become much tipsier and more fabulous! 

There you have it, a few gift ideas any LGBTQ+ person would love to get as a gift for their birthday. And if you don’t like any of these, hopefully they will serve as an inspiration for a present that’s completely innovative and caring. 

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