How to Add Something Special to Your Style as a Gay Man

Many gay men are known for their impeccable style, so it’s hard to be gay in today’s world and still be devoid of any fashion sense. If you happen to be cursed with the case of bad fashion sense, here are a few things you can do to improve your style and stand out from the crowd of straights and other gay men: 

Don’t be scared to experiment with patterns

Guys who are completely new to fashion and want to start experimenting with their choices might start with patterns. Interesting shirt, sweater and cardigan patterns are a fashionable choice for all gays, while also being quite safe. For instance, you can grab a statement vest or shirt with an interesting pattern and easily wear it with monochrome and neutral bottoms and shoes. This way, you’ll have a fool-proof combination that will look good in any situation. 

Give athleisure a try

If you’re a gym gay usually wearing only sporty clothing, or if you’re a business type obsessed with suits, give your style a little shake with athleisure. This is a style that definitely works amazing on gay men, allowing everyone to enhance their closets in an easy way. It’s perfect for sporty gays who want to look a little more fitted, and for elegant gays who want to look a little more approachable. Don’t hesitate to mix comfy pieces with your general office wear to create a hybrid look of a well-dressed man who knows how to let loose. 

Find a good material 

Here’s one piece of advice many often forget to apply to their outfits—materials make all the difference. Even if you usually wear all black or gray, mixing in different materials will still make your outfits pop. For instance, for a very elegant look, you can mix a velvet blazer with a simple cotton t-shirt and dark pants. The simplicity of the rest of the outfit will make your blazer pop even more. Or, if you’re more into preppy fashion, opt for interesting men’s terry cloth shirts that will fit right in with the aesthetics. Terry cloth is fluffy, with a rich texture that will make you stand out from the rest of the polo shirts you can see around. Other fabrics to consider are leather, suede, wool, silk, cashmere and flannel. 

Try something different with the footwear

Shoes should never be an afterthought when dressing up. Be picky with your footwear and don’t just automatically go for sneakers or dress shoes. Pay special attention to the quality of the shoe, no matter if you usually wear Converse or Oxfords. It will cost some money upfront to make a good shoe library but once you have a few different models, you’ll have shoes for every occasion for a long time. And if you’re a top struggling with height, there are sneaky shoe lifts that can give you an inch or two of elevation. 

Get a good bag

Accessories and gays go hand in hand, but one of the most popular ones among queer people is definitely a statement bag. Every gay guy, no matter if masc or fem or anything in between, should have a good, all-fitting bag. We always have a ton of stuff to take with us, and not everything belongs in pockets. To better reflect your gay style, leave your backpack for the gym outfit, and opt for a genuine man’s bag. Something for the office might look like a classic messenger bag—it’s a timeless option. On the other hand, for a night out or a nice afternoon walk, you might opt for something that makes more of a statement. Tom Ford makes amazing men’s bags from duffels to totes, handbags and briefcases, that will definitely attract all the right attention. 

As you can see, experimenting with fashion as a gay guy can be very fun. Embrace your natural style, try new things and don’t be scared to show off your queer colors for everyone to see and admire—you’re going to be an inspiration for many! 

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