Celebrity bisexuals create greater acceptance

Bisexual visibility continues to rise, with prominent celebrities coming out to help pave the way for greater acceptance. Andrew Macdougall explains.

Mainstream visibility is so important for the bisexual community

Bisexual visibility was on full display during Joy 949 Sydney Mardi Gras coverage. Andrew Macdougall tells us why it's so important.

Same-sex marriage legalised in Australia as LGBTQ+ community finds equal love

Australia passed a marriage equality bill Thursday allowing same-sex couples to marry, Andrew Macdougall looks at the effects it has had on the LGBTQ+ community.

Bisexuality and stigma shift to acceptance

Stigma is one of the major issues facing the bisexual community, creating mental and physical health issues, while keeping people closeted in fear of rejection. Andrew Macdougall takes a look.

‘Appropriate Behaviour’ and it’s witty and wacky look at life as a bisexual

As the theme for September nears it's end, curator Andrew Macdougall reviews New York based film Appropriate Behaviour and it's refreshing look at bisexual life.

Time for full bisexual acceptance into the LGBTQ+ community

Bisexuals still struggle to find acceptance within LGBTQ+ circles. The all pervasiveness of social media only seems to deepen the divide. Andrew Macdougall explores why.