DVD Review: Girls Lost

Dan Phillips reviews 'Girls Lost', a Swedish film with a unique take on the age-old theme of coming of age.

Film Review: Beautiful Something

There is something that has always bothered me about gay cinema from the US and that is its lack of nuance and depth that European gay cinema seems to get. Since gay cinema hit the mainstream in the 80s and 90s with films like My Beautiful Laundrette and Philadelphia and TV like Angels in America … Continue reading Film Review: Beautiful Something

A Queer in Hamburg

A wonderful part of my job as a director is that I get to visit different cities and experience queer culture around the world and most recently I got to spend some time in the German city of Hamburg. Having visited Cologne and Berlin in recent years it was hard to ignore the super liberal, … Continue reading A Queer in Hamburg

Review: Boys on Film 15 Time & Tied

Dan Phillips reviews the latest installment of the Boys On Film short film collection.

Keeping up with the heteros

Dan Phillips looks at the way gay men have been represented on our screens, and wonders how helpful representation has really been.