Our community needs to recognise its own privileges

Our guest writer Alex Wainwright deconstructs privilege from a personal perspective and makes an important contribution to the ongoing discussion around why even within our own communities we need to check our privileges. 

Talkin ’bout my generation; when generations hurt

Guest writer Chase Ledin explores whether AIDS is part of a shared queer history, or an unbridgeable divide between the generations

My journey as a gay man with depression

Guest writer, Peter Minkoff, recounts his very personal journey with depression as part of our mental health month.

Will & Grace- joyful return or rehash of dated representation?

Our newest Curator, Donal wonders if the announced return of Will and Grace really is a cause for celebration?

Keeping up with the heteros

Dan Phillips looks at the way gay men have been represented on our screens, and wonders how helpful representation has really been.

Queeroes: John Waters

Danni Glover shares why the Pope of Trash helps contextualise her queer politics.

Gay men are fully-rounded emotional, social and, yes, sexual beings. Deal with it!

Why does the idea of gay men having sex freak so many people out? Lee Williscroft-Ferris discusses the issue of social desexualisation.

The Big Gay Survey 2016

Cisgender gay men in the UK: The Queerness needs you! Take part in The Big Gay Survey 2016!

But what if I want a ‘ladies’ handbag’?

It's more than just wanting a 'ladies' handbag'. Jon B explains why he's tired with traditional notions of gender and masculinity that no one chooses, but which still dominate how society at large views us.

Queer footballers and the politics of coming out

With the media suggesting that premiership footballers are set to come out, Marcus Stow looks at the politics of coming out and asks what our allies are doing to support us