LGBT History Month 2016: Queeroes!

February is LGBT History Month in the UK. Lee Williscroft-Ferris explains how we intend to mark the month here at The Queerness.

As you will have gathered by now, the curators at The Queerness are adept at critiquing the ‘present’. As is normal within any healthy community, we are right to assess the progress made towards achieving full equity and suggest objectives for the future.

Sometimes, it’s good to look back and take time out to appreciate those trailblazers who have played such a crucial role in the fight for our rights; our queer heroes, or Queeroes if you will.

Over the course of February, in addition to our usual supply of engaging, thought-provoking articles, our curators will be celebrating the lives of their personal Queeroes. Don’t forget, The Queerness is an open collective; should you wish to participate in what looks set to be a wonderful retrospective focussing on our amazing forebears, get in touch.

You can contribute to our Queeroes series by emailing us with your idea. In the meantime, happy LGBT History Month to you all!

The fight goes on…


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Find our more about LGBT History Month here.

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