Let’s talk about sex

It’s December, Santa baby is on a constant loop on the radio, boughs are being decked (or vice versa) and someone, somewhere wants to roast their chestnuts. The perfect time to talk about sex!

All to often non LGBTQ+ people want to focus any conversation about our communities on what bits we put where, and with whom. We are reclaiming that ground this month, from asexuality and aromanticism through to the oversexualisation of bisexuality, the closure of spaces where LGBTQ+ people could have anonymous sex, the rise of chem sex, the pressure to have sex, we want to talk about them all, and more.

Each month alongside our usual news, reviews, and in-depth essays we try to look a little more deeply into a topic. If you have a burning desire, to write about any aspect of LGBTQ+ people and sex as a guest writer get in touch with any of the curators, or leave a comment.


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