Let’s talk about sex

This December the Queerness team are talking about sex, and all the good things, and the bad things, it can be!

Where is the love?

Stephanie Farnsworth examines how the LGBTQ+ community is erasing romantic identities.

The Valley of the Kings

In this follow-on post, Juno Roche discusses her HIV diagnosis and the unchanging face of stigma.

Coming out when you’re a British south Asian

In a very personal piece, first published on burntroti.com, guest writer Pamela Chabba shares her own coming out story as a British South Asian woman

#GayMediaSoWhite & why diversity in LGBTQ+ media matters

As the debate rages about diversity in LGBTQ+ media, Marcus Stow discusses how it's just part of a wider problem that can make anyone who isn't a cisgender white gay male feel excluded

The 100: the show breaking queer hearts everywhere

Stephanie Farnsworth looks at a show that's leading the way for portraying sexuality.

Things to keep in mind if you’re questioning your sexuality and/or gender

Stephanie Farnsworth goes through different steps which can help people coming to terms with their sexuality and/or gender.

Being a lesbian is not a political choice

Stephanie Farnsworth dissects what it means to be lesbian and whether it can be considered a political label.

It ain’t what you do…

Suddenly it seems everyone has an opinion on anal play, after Amber Rose used a liking for it to attempt to embarrass Kayne West. Karen Pollock explores the idea that sexuality is defined by sex acts.