Gay service Dekkoo’s original series “FERAL” gets a green light for Season 2

Back in October I reviewed LGBT drama Feral for TQ and did an interview with director Morgan Jon Fox in which he hinted upon a second season for ‘Feral‘. It has been officially announced that the second season IS going ahead.

For those not in the know Feral follows the lives of a group of 20 somethings and the complications of their modern lives and was a huge hit for streaming service Dekkoo earlier this year. Nothing official has been released about what will be in store for the characters in the next season but when I interviewed Morgan he said “I have already started to envision that and outline in a rough way as I tend to do and I am just kinda waiting on their thumbs up and a green light to go forth with it.” So I doubt it will be long before we have the new season on our hands.

I for one am pretty excited about this as I was completely hooked by the first series and found it to be a very refreshing gay drama and I will be very glad to see it back. Keep an eye out for any more news on series 2 of Feral as it comes in.

For now though enjoy the trailer for Season One.

Click here for more information on how to watch Feral.

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