Game On!

Did you give up adventuring because of an arrow to the knee? Do you have a burning desire to find your long lost son, no matter what the wasteland throw at you? Is Commander Shepard drifting through your dreams or does the Masterchief haunt your nightmares?

Each month as well as our usual news, views and long reads we like to look at a subject in more depth, and as some of you might have already guessed the theme for March is gaming. For many queer people gaming has been a way to express and explore identities but do  games need to be more inclusive? There are arguments around whether there should be specific queer characters, or is that tokenism?

For many people being able to see themselves in a game is the first step in claiming their own identity, and yet gaming is still often dismissed as juvenile and not worthy of serious consideration. This month we want to challenge the attitudes that so many have towards video games and those who play them.

We welcome guest posts. If there is any aspect of our gaming month you would like to explore, get in touch, or leave a comment.

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