Want strong LGBTQ+ representation? Supergirl isn’t the ship you’re looking for

Stephanie Farnsworth examines why the popular new ship 'Sanvers' is a deeply toxic relationship.

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The Bisexual Stereotype

As part of our month of talking about sex, Stephanie Farnsworth considers why aromantic is seen to mean emotionless, and asks whats so wrong with sex based on feelings other than romantic love?

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Purple Prose: Review

Steph Farnsworth reviews Purple Prose, an anthology of writing by bisexual people based in the UK

Where is the love?

Stephanie Farnsworth examines how the LGBTQ+ community is erasing romantic identities.

Why LGBTQ+ rights should never come down to a vote

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Straight privilege? Check yourself, not bisexual people

Stephanie Farnsworth examines the idea that bisexual people experience "straight privilege"