The rise of LGBTQ+ awareness in mainstream media

Guest writer, Hadley Stewart, examines the situation of LGBTQ+ journalism.

In defence of Dragon Age’s Sera

For Gaming Month, Kath Rella explores the complexities behind one of Dragon Age's most infamous characters: Sera. Sera; a polarising presence in Bioware's Dragon Age: Inquisition. The lesbian anti-elf is rude, crude and thoroughly argumentative. I'll be honest, during my first playthrough, Sera and I did not get along. Sure, she made me chuckle on … Continue reading In defence of Dragon Age’s Sera

When employers are transphobic: the enemy within

Due to the content of this post, the writer has request anonymity to be able to safely reveal the struggle of working for an organisation that aids transphobia.

Want strong LGBTQ+ representation? Supergirl isn’t the ship you’re looking for

Stephanie Farnsworth examines why the popular new ship 'Sanvers' is a deeply toxic relationship.

‘I think representation is positive in general as long as it’s not totally hurtful. Things have come a long way.’ TQ meets filmmaker Morgan Jon Fox

Dónal Ferris chats to Morgan Jon Fox, director of Feral about his inspiraiton behind the show and how he found himself working with new streaming service Dekkoo.