Bisexuality and stigma shift to acceptance

Stigma is one of the major issues facing the bisexual community, creating mental and physical health issues, while keeping people closeted in fear of rejection. Andrew Macdougall takes a look.

Interview with Bi Book award winner Erin Judge

Erin Judge is a bisexual author and stand-up comic from Los Angels. As the excitement of bisexual Visibility Month wares off, Lois Shearing caught up with her to discuss winning a Bi Book Award for her first novel, 'Vowel of Celibacy'.

‘Appropriate Behaviour’ and it’s witty and wacky look at life as a bisexual

As the theme for September nears it's end, curator Andrew Macdougall reviews New York based film Appropriate Behaviour and it's refreshing look at bisexual life.

How to celebrate Bi Visibility Day if you aren’t bi

For Bisexual Visibility Day, Lois Shearing explores that ways that non-bisexual people can celebrate and be better allies to the bi+ community. Today is Bisexual Visibility Day, a day dedicated to highlighting the issues faced by the bi+ community, but also celebrating our diversity and resilience. Maybe you've seen a few people posting about it … Continue reading How to celebrate Bi Visibility Day if you aren’t bi

Beyond invisibility: 5 issues facing the bisexual community

Despite all the erasure of bisexuality that may have happened this Pride season, Lois Shearing asks whether it is time to stop looking past visibility as the main issue facing the bisexual community, to focus on the systematic violence and oppression facing bisexuals

Time for full bisexual acceptance into the LGBTQ+ community

Bisexuals still struggle to find acceptance within LGBTQ+ circles. The all pervasiveness of social media only seems to deepen the divide. Andrew Macdougall explores why.

What is Pride in London for?

In light of yesterdays revelation that there is no separate Bi representation at Pride in London Karen takes the role of critical friend and asks what is Pride for?

The bisexual erasure / over-sexualisation feedback loop

Lois Shearing explores the ways in which bisexual erasure and over sexualised on-screen representations creates an environment in which being bisexual is seen as a behaviour rather than an identity.

The Bisexual Stereotype

As part of our month of talking about sex, Stephanie Farnsworth considers why aromantic is seen to mean emotionless, and asks whats so wrong with sex based on feelings other than romantic love?

Bisexuality: a modern crisis of erasure, under-resourcing and invisibility

Guest writer Lois Shearing spells out clearly the challenges faced by the increasing number of bi people in the UK today.