Homophobia as sexual abuse

Guest writer and Queer Therapist Adam Blum talks to TQ about the damaging effect of homophobia.

Stopping Brexit is no longer just about leaving the EU – it’s about defeating bigotry and fascism

Brexit has unleashed an ugly wave of right-wing populism and bigotry. It needs to be stopped to stem the tide, argues Lee Williscroft-Ferris

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No separation of Church and State for Northern Ireland

Guest writer Claire Mullaly discusses the Supreme Court's decisions to uphold discrimination on religious grounds in the provision of goods and services.

When holding hands is a fine line between pride and fear

Guest writer Otis Robinson takes us on a personal journey on what it is like to be out in queer Britain, and the difficulties we still face.

Core Issues Trust – therapists or just common or garden bigots?

Edit 07/02/2018: Vue cinemas have confirmed that the film is not being shown, however Core Issues Trust continue to promte conversion therapy. Karen Pollock looks at just what Core believe.

Sport and the gender order

Annette Pryce examines why PE teachers could be the LGBTQ heroes of the future… perhaps.

Nero burns whilst the world plays on; Milo and child abuse apologists

As a therapist who works with survivors of childhood sexual abuse, Karen Pollock takes issue with the idea being an abuse victim gives you license to abuse others.

Casual homophobia in the press: a perennial dilemma

Hadley considers the implications of the Daily Mail's most recent indulgence in casual homophobia.

I beg your pardon?

Karen Pollock takes issue with the idea of a deeply queerphobic government issuing pardons for acts which should never have been crimes in the first place.

The response to the Corrie kiss and what it means

What does the online response to that same-sex kiss on 'Coronation Street' tell us about how far we have come and how far we have yet to go? Hadley discusses.