Transgender Trend follow in the footsteps of other anti LGBTQ+ organisations

Two of our curators, teacher Annette Pryce and psychotherapist Karen Pollock discuss the publication of advice for schools by the anti-trans lobby group Transgender Trend

We stand with Feminist Ire

TQ shows our support for and solidarity with Irish Feminists and their open letter to the organisers of the "We need to talk" tour

Dealing with Jo Johnson, Julie Bindel, and your racist Uncle

Minister Jo Johnson threatens to fine universities for not "allowing free speech" and the BBC uncritically wheels out Julie Bindel on Boxing day to support the Tory. Sam Hope explores the growing phenomenon of "free speech" authoritarianism

Trial by media over Speakers’ Corner fracas

A media circus has blown up over a scuffle between trans and anti-trans activists at Speaker's Corner. Sam Hope explores some context.

Opinion is not expertise: Post-truth media commentary on LGBTQ+ issues

Karen Pollock explores how in asking a transphobic academic to comment on support for gender non-conforming children, 'Metro' highlights the rotten core of our current media.

Why I won’t be at Newcastle’s anti-Roosh V protest

No platforming is a hot topic, but what do we do when someone opposing one form of hate speech themselves uses hate speech against marginalised issues? Karen Pollock explores the thorny issues of free speech and a right to be heard. Is it true your enemies enemy is not your friend?

Don’t feed the trolls! Time to boycott the media feminists

While newspaper and magazine columns dedicate pages to debate trans lives, Stephanie Farnsworth examines the issue and calls for a boycott. White, cis media feminists are doing everything they can to hold women back so it's time to stop funding them. A boycott of their ridiculous, self-indulgent and hate-filled Guardian and New Statesman columns and … Continue reading Don’t feed the trolls! Time to boycott the media feminists