USA, Japan and China among 13 countries failing to support UN condemnation of the death penalty for homosexuality

Ibtisam Ahmed examines the voting patterns in a historic UN resolution supporting LGBTQ+ rights.

Trade unions: Is solidarity really forever?

Annette Pryce analyses the progress of the trade union movement in light of some negative reactions to the reform of the Gender Recognition Act.

Government ignorance fails LGBTQ+ people

Karen Pollock looks at how the lack of regulation of counselling and psychotherapy leaves LGBTQ+ people unprotected from the harms of conversion therapy

Gay service Dekkoo’s original series “FERAL” gets a green light for Season 2

Back in October I reviewed LGBT drama Feral for TQ and did an interview with director Morgan Jon Fox in which he hinted upon a second season for 'Feral'. It has been officially announced that the second season IS going ahead. For those not in the know Feral follows the lives of a group of 20 somethings and the … Continue reading Gay service Dekkoo’s original series “FERAL” gets a green light for Season 2

The LGBTQ+ news round-up: 4 June 2016

From the Greek isles to the streets of New York City, Tom Ana brings you the most important headlines and stories you might have missed from the last 7 days.

The LGBTQ+ news roundup: 29 May 2016

Following his two-week hiatus, Tom Ana returns with his regular summary of the most important stories and headlines from the last seven days.

Davina Ayrton and prison rape

The argument around allowing self identification when it comes to gender has led to a new, disturbing version of bathroom panic. Karen Pollock explores the issues around rape, prison and transphobia.