“Writing it was a hard process”: TQ meets Nathaniel Hall

Hadley Stewart speaks to Nathaniel Hall about stigma, shame and his one-man show, 'First Time'.

Lockdown, Polari and old age: TQ speaks with Jez Dolan

Hadley Stewart talks to creative, Jez Dolan, about lockdown, Polari and the issue of growing old as an LGBTQ+ person.

How fitness saved my queer life

Guest writer Peter Minkoff describes how health and fitness has contributed to improving his life.

‘I wanted to capture this idea that femme men are considered less than by the queer community’: TQ talks to Lev A.C. Rosen

Guest writer, Hadley Stewart, catches up with author, Lee A.C. Rosen, about his latest book and the issue of gender expectations within the queer community.

Identity, resistance, and doubled gazes in ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ (2019) and ‘The Handmaiden’ (2016)

Guest writer, Emily Jane Turner, ten a close look at identity, resistance and doubled gazes in 'Portrait of a Lady on Fire' and 'The Handmaiden.'

“Life at last begins to make sense when you are open and honest”: Justin Myers speaks to TQ

Hadley Stewart chats to Justin Myers as he prepares for the release of his new book, 'The Magnificent Sons'.

“It’s not easy to be fearless”: Liam Hackett speaks to TQ

Hadley Stewart sits down for a chat with Liam Hackett, author of 'Fearless', an inclusive book about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

“It took a long time to sort itself in my head”: Andrew McMillan chats to TQ

Hadley Stewart sits down for a chat with Polari Prize-winning author Andrew McMillan.

The Pride’s guide to understanding sexual health

The Queerness is pleased to run a guest piece on the issue of LGBTQ+ sexual health to mark World Sexual Health Day.

“When I was growing up, I can remember going to clubs and being the only black person there”: TQ meets Dean Atta

Hadley Stewart catches up with poet and author Dean Atta as he prepares to release his new book, 'The Black Flamingo'.