Lockdown, Polari and old age: TQ speaks with Jez Dolan

Hadley Stewart talks to creative, Jez Dolan, about lockdown, Polari and the issue of growing old as an LGBTQ+ person.

Being queer isn’t a moral question – how you vote is

Is coming out as a Tory comparable to coming out as queer? Short answer: no. Louise McCudden explores why.

LGBT History is for life, not just for February – TQ meets founder of LGBT History Project North East

February was LGBT history month. It has been celebrated across the country with talks, flag raising and events. Karen Pollock talks to the founder of the LGBT History project North East about why our history matters for more than 1 month of the year.

Can straight people be queer?

This is The Queerness, but what is queerness, and who should be allowed to call themselves queer? Karen Pollock explores some of the thorny issues around queer identity

Time to stop bashing the bishop

The news that the Bishop of Grantham is gay, and in a celibate relationship, prompts Karen Pollock to ask why the Church of England puts the feelings of homophobes above those of LGBTQ+ Christians.

August: The Swimsuit Edition

This August the Queerness is looking at bodies, and the queer communities often difficult relationship with them

Chapter two – It’s different now?

It's different now though isn't it, the stigma, it's not as bad as it was in the early days of inscribed tombstones and crashing rocks? Juno Roche continues looking back over her story.