When will it be time for Bert & Ernie?

The Northern Ireland Assembly continues to block same sex marriage with an unfair use of the veto. Annette Pryce discusses the political and religious issues around Northern Ireland's same sex marriage debate.

February: Spirit in the sky

February's theme is religion, faith and spirituality. Karen Pollock introduces.

Time to stop bashing the bishop

The news that the Bishop of Grantham is gay, and in a celibate relationship, prompts Karen Pollock to ask why the Church of England puts the feelings of homophobes above those of LGBTQ+ Christians.


Faith, hope, love. And the greatest of these is love

The Bible has long been wielded by conservative Christians as 'proof' of divine disapproval of homosexuality. In this essay, Emma C Williams deconstructs the main tenets of biblical bigotry.