Make your voice heard: an opinion on the futility of self-silencing

Rather than refuse to 'give oxygen' to toxic views and poisonous commentators, we need to play them at their own game. Jon B offers his view on why 'turning the other cheek' no longer seems to work.

On why I think I’m starting to get why #fuckcispeople is a thing – A response to Helen Lewis

As the row over Germaine Greer refuses to go away, Jon B writes in response to New Statemen commentator Helen Lewis about the continued failure of cis people to truly empathise with what's at stake here.

‘No-Platforming’ the privileged is not ‘silencing’, it’s doing the right thing

As Cardiff University comes under pressure to cancel a lecture by Germaine Greer on account of her unapologetic transphobia, Jon B offers his view on why so-called 'no-platforming' is a thoroughly justifiable standpoint.