Spice Girls 2019

‘Who do you think you are?’: The uncomfortable misogyny behind recent criticism of Victoria Beckham

Returning to the write for The Queerness, Jon B addresses recent criticism of Victoria Beckham’s decision not to join the Spice Girls on their recent tour and what this says about the misogyny that still dogs successful women making their own choices in today’s society.

Transphobia: An increasingly liberal affair?

In this article, Jon B rejects the notion put forward by Rebecca Reid in her recent Metro article that it’s time for trans people to be more receptive to cis people’s concerns about trans issues.

We’re all ‘Generation Snowflake’, but who cares anyway?

Jon B deconstructs the notion of 'Generation Snowflake', exposing it as a hypocritical nonsense, mired in privilege.

Prince William in Attitude: We don’t owe anyone our thanks

We don't owe Prince William a debt of gratitude for his appearance in 'Attitude'. Rather, we should expect more.

Let me line up the f*ggots and the tr*nnies for you

The anti-PC brigade are at it again. It turns out we're still oppressing them by objecting to their hatefulness.

Don’t patronise us with the emptiness of #prayfororlando

Whilst it's always heartening to have support, Jon B explains why, in his view, #prayfororlando is a hollow gesture that diverts people from taking real action against hate.

Freedom of speech is no longer about ‘rights’, it’s about power

Jon B makes his latest 'attack' on freedom of speech, or put another way: he explores the power structures that underpin why people exercise their rights with no attention to their responsibilities.

‘It’s just political correctness gone mad, isn’t it?’: How about no? Objecting to Rebel Wilson

As controversy rightfully ensues over Rebel Wilson's 'transgendered face' comment, Jon B vents his frustration with the 'it's just political correctness gone mad' brigade and their stubborn refusal to think beyond their own concerns.

‘Sorry, we can’t ban everything that offends you’ – the Julie Bindel school of fighting the wrong fight

Julie Bindel has taken a stand, decrying the fact that censorship has become the new norm. Jon B offers his perspective on why she's not only wrong, but fighting the wrong fight.

Pride of Place: England’s LGBTQ Heritage

A pioneering project seeks to bring LGBTQ+ heritage in England to light in a way never seen before - Jon B takes a look at 'Pride of Place' in the run-up to the project's upcoming digital seminar.