Our community needs to recognise its own privileges

Our guest writer Alex Wainwright deconstructs privilege from a personal perspective and makes an important contribution to the ongoing discussion around why even within our own communities we need to check our privileges. 

Straight Pride Matters?

As the Pride season ends, Karen Pollock asks why some people keep demanding they  be allowed to have a "Straight pride"

I am so sick of this shit; AFAB does not mean privileged

A guest writer explains why accusations of privilege levelled at assigned female at birth non binary people are rooted in misogyny and transphobia. This writer has asked to remain anonymous.

Freedom of speech is no longer about ‘rights’, it’s about power

Jon B makes his latest 'attack' on freedom of speech, or put another way: he explores the power structures that underpin why people exercise their rights with no attention to their responsibilities.

Civil partnerships for everyone?

Ciera Littleford explores the option of civil partnerships being made available to opposite-sex couples.

Make your voice heard: an opinion on the futility of self-silencing

Rather than refuse to 'give oxygen' to toxic views and poisonous commentators, we need to play them at their own game. Jon B offers his view on why 'turning the other cheek' no longer seems to work.

On the selfishness of the white cis gay male

As LGBT+ equality moves forward, we are increasingly presented with the selfishness of the white cis gay man. Jon B gives his opinion on why gay men need to do better by the rest of the LGBT+ community.

Inside and out: acknowledging privilege and oppression

Sometimes, being supportive of those that are oppressed just means making sure their voices are heard. Stephanie Farnsworth discusses privilege and oppression.

Azealia Banks and the tangled web of privilege

She's at it again and is still not sorry. Where does Azealia Banks as a 'black bisexual woman' fit into the theory of social privilege? Lee Williscroft-Ferris discusses.