Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz: TQ meets the author

Ely Percy, an established Scottish writer talks to The Queerness about her soon to be published novel about lesbian life for her chosen protagonist in the early noughties. It has something for everyone, whether the protagonist excites or annoys you, you'll definitely want to find out what happens. 

The bisexual performer

Guest writer Alex Rivers takes us on a biographical personal journey through his burgeoning sexual identity.

The perils of being a pop star

In this guest post Gareth Davies explores what the gay anthem "Glad to be Gay" meant to him growing up, and trying to work out what labels did, or did not apply to him.

Hypermasculinity and LGBTQ+ identity erasure in communities of color

Michael Paramo focuses on the complex issue of hypermasculinity and its role in contributing to LGBTQ+ identity erasure within communities of color.

Warpaint: memoirs of a femme

For many, makeup can be critical in constructing their queer identity. For others, it is constrictive. Danni Glover considers the role cosmetics play in her own identity.