Bojack Horseman comes out of the stable

Danni Glover turns off the telly long enough to discuss Bojack Horseman's recent coming-out storyline.

Shoving it in their faces: the story of same-sex PDAs on film

Can we have meaningful LGBTQ+ representation without showing same-sex PDAs? Danni Glover investigates.

Call-outs: a user’s guide

It can be frustrating to be called out for being oppressive, particularly when you feel marginalised in some way yourself. Danni Glover considers how to approach the situation with grace.

Film Review: Departure

What happens when a mother and son project their sexualities onto the same person? Danni Glover reviews Andrew Stegall's feature debut, 'Departure'.

Bisexual and Bridal

February 29th is the day that women can traditionally propose to men. Danni Glover proposes that her marriage to a man could still be a queer one.

Queeroes: John Waters

Danni Glover shares why the Pope of Trash helps contextualise her queer politics.

Queeroes: Keith Haring

Danni Glover shares a few thoughts on one of the most influential 20th century artists.

Warpaint: memoirs of a femme

For many, makeup can be critical in constructing their queer identity. For others, it is constrictive. Danni Glover considers the role cosmetics play in her own identity.

Cis-hets! at the Disco.

Are you a straight person considering a night out at a gay bar? Danni Glover has some words of caution.

Long Live the Queen

Conor Horgan’s new documentary The Queen of Ireland is intimate enough to get to know Panti and her male alias Rory O’Neill as friends, and reverential enough to get to respect them as national treasures. Danni Glover reviews.